New Member Monday – You Know, War Stuff…

Hi, hello and howdy, folks!  We’ve got a new member for you on this fine July Sunday:

Mis olvidadas figuras
Keywords: Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40000, Muy Caliente

There are a ton of cool models on this blog, so be sure to check it out.  Remember:  Google translate is a thing that exists, so don’t let the Spanish language scare you off.

Thoughts for the Day

Progress on my Flames of War journey continues.  SinSynn hated the army list – which is actually encouraging in this case.  So it passed the “is it any good’ test by passing the “Will SinSynn refuse to play against it” test.

So far so good.  Time to pull the trigger on some more models.

It’s been a while since I bought a whole army in one go, so that was/is the next goal.  Which exists concurrently with my plan to sell of stuff on ebay to be able to afford to buy an entire flames of war army without raising either or both of Special Lady Friend’s eyebrows.

Note: Special Lady Friend is not actually Spock

Incidentally, there are 3 days left to bid on this Ork Great Gargant.  Not that I’m using the HoP for personal gain or anything…

At this point, I’m really just waiting for some packages to arrive and then I begin the business of driving my American tanks all up in Dethtron’s Krauthole.  Ok, well, there are many, many steps in between.  Like model prep, assembly and painting.  Plus my poor, neglected PanO Swiss Guard needs to get finished BEFORE I bust out my tankies.  Otherwise there’s a very good chance that it’ll get added to the pile of amazing projects that I never finished (including such famous wastes of money include my Forgeworld Thunderbolt).

Though this does lead into something I’ve been thinking about for a while.  I’ve been playing Infinity pretty seriously for a while now (8 months?).  I have 8 models painted.

But I’m not going to beat myself up for a giant back log like I would have in the past.  One of the many things I’ve been consciously trying to improve upon since my return to the midwest is the mindset I have about my hobbies.  Generally speaking, I’m making a more conscious effort to stop treating it like a job.  I don’t HAVE to paint 2000 points of Eldar from start to finish straight through (for an example of something I burnt myself out on – HARD).  I can take some time to stop and play Guild Wars 2 for a month.  I don’t HAVE to have a fully painted Infinity army.  It’s supposed to be fun!

I can take a break to play video games with my non tabletop buds.  I can build terrain for a month and a half. It’s all good, man!  And it’s been great to get into that mindset and be able to stay there.  Burnout hasn’t set in for anywhere near as long as it has in the past and, more importantly, I’m having more fun.

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