New Razorbacks!

I saw these IN PLAY last night at my store. I have to say that this new design makes assembly and painting a snap.




I wish I had taken a picture of the entire table, as you can *sort of* see that he has quite a few in play. However, the table was littered with them. My guess is he had something in the area of 10 on the board.

When I asked what they were, his OPPONENT happily piped up that they were Razorbacks, and the guy fielding them offered no apology or comment on testing a list, building the models or what have you. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was received.

There was a level of amusement, and also sheer dumbfoundedness that this actually worked. I mean, Solo cups as drop pods is one thing. I think this is another.


Isn’t it?

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  • This is fantastic. A great way to test things out.

    On a side note, I heard these are going to be the new [insert war engine here] in Age of Sigmar.

    • The Warlock

      Battle shelters! They’ll hold 10 sigmarines and people will argue for decades whether or not 10 could realistically fit inside one! 😛

    • Aye if he is just testing a list, it makes a heck of a lot more sense then using cardboard cutouts, or buying ten rhino kits.

      Now if he continues to play with this all the time…that’s a bit weedy!

      • Exactly.. Get a few games in, try it out, ok… slowly buying them while he can fit 10 into a budget, sure…

  • Thuloid

    Well, they’ve long been referred to as boxes…

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    Works for me.

    Should add a turret though…and should be painted.

    P.S. spray paint melts Styrofoam.

    • Was that an attempt at teaching people how to make Looted Razorbacks?

  • I’d have thought youd have heartily approved with your love of Papercrafting. Probably a sign that the GW inflicted attitude of wysiwyg and must be GW models is dying

    • They aren’t paper, though. =P

      • The Warlock

        wait…cardboard food boxes?

        • I’m guessing blocks of Styrofoam now although I originally thought paper so what do I know

          • Yes, blocks of Styrofoam with Sharpie drawn on.

          • To be fair, these absolutely look like they could be papercraft… what with the giant white block and rough bubbly texture we’ve all come to know and love from paper and cardboard that’s totally not styrofoam…

          • Whose papercrafting are you being exposed to???????

          • DC and Warlock’s, obviously.

          • I don’t think so they look a bit complicated for me I have big clumsy claws you know, several designs of paper aircraft ar about all your gonna get with me

          • The Warlock

            My papercrafting skills only extend to writing scribbled uni notes, the most recent was a simplified diagram of the coagulation cascade O.o

  • Jeez GW isn’t even trying any more.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      free rules, paper minis, I might be able to afford to play soon!

      • Drathmere

        The free rules thing floors me as well. We’ll see if they go full bore with it for fantasy, or if this is just a temporary thing to help players switch over. I hope this is a trend.

        • Please don’t say that. I need to pay rent!

          • Drathmere

            Hey loquacious, I was only talking about the rules! The razorback proxies are an abomination to my eyes. Tabletop war gaming needs beautiful painted armies. I will always need paint, brushes, glue,kits, and basing materials. I also need a place to play. The new rules make me want to paint up an AoS force. The smaller game size makes it approachable.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          looks like the rules are worth every penny.

      • Knight, are you somehow responsible for the ‘Rage of Sigmar’ Facebook group?
        Von sent me a link, and OhMyGawd is it funny. There’s just no way GW could dip their toes into the ‘free to download’ ‘living ruleset’ thing without it going horribly awry. GW probably shouldn’t have modeled their ‘free to play’ experience after smartphone and tablet ‘free to play’ games.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          not me, wish I’d thought of it, though I am quoted on it at least…

          Even if he thinks I’m a nutjob at least the cool people aren’t ignoring me…

  • Paul Chappell

    🙂 Well, with them being free in the new Marine formations, makes sense… Not everyone has full motor-pools of ancient Rhino hulls to throw out onto the table… Certainly good enough for testing builds and casual play, etc… I’d never have a problem playing against them of course…

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      one carefully positioned sneeze could halt your opponents entire advance!

    • That’s the best part about it. Everyone was like, “sure, ok”. I was just…. surprised.

  • Drathmere

    All he has to do to hit a three color minimum is to add some color with a red sharpie!

  • zab

    Nothing wrong with a little paper craft here and there in good fun.


    • I am going to hunt you down and haunt you. That’s really really addicting.

      • Zab

        Someday at work when everyone leaves or next time i am on night shift i am going to print off and build some deathwing and some chaos ones and do a diorama on some ones desk with dead and decapitated marines everywhere. Can you imagine just fining a little battle field on your desk one day out of the blue?!

        • Drathmere

          Please do this!

        • That’s basically street art/graffiti, but with minis 😀

  • The Warlock

    I thought you’d actually seen new sprues 🙁 I’d buy the fuck out of heavy flamer/grav cannon razorbacks…

    Plus I thought those ‘razorbacks’ were hab shelters O.o

  • Love it 🙂