New Year New Member Monday + Contest

Hey folks and welcome to a new year here at the House of Paincakes!  Now that the writing staff have made it past the holiday season and, presumably, survived – we should be slowly but surely getting back up to more than one article a week.

Special thanks to SinSynn for keeping the lights on while he tried to wrap his alien brain around all this holiday cheer and figure out just who this ‘Christopher’ person is.

Right. First post of the new year.   The fact that it’s a New Member Monday would be perfect if it were actually Monday.

But we have a new Member anyway and here it is:

Shades Of Chaos
Keywords: Wargaming, painting, gaming, reviews, battlereports, vornucopia of games, commerce

But wait!  There’s more!  It turns out that these fine folks are running a little contest to kick off the new year. So if you fancy your chances of winning a plastic Chaos Lord on a super sweet Manticore and are capable of liking things on Facebook, then you should probably check out this link:


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