Non-Spam but Still competitive…Possible or Not?

Sometimes I get all retarded and accidentally post things early.  Sadly, Google isn’t much into features that let you fix that.  SO, this is an actual GMort post even if it says ‘Lauby.’

I find that comments to most of my more confrontational posts tend to be divided into two diametrically opposing views.


1) You are completely right*…

* Which is a perfectly reasonable viewpoint that requires little clarification.


You are completely wrong…

Unfortunately, it’s very rare that anybody puts the depth of information into their dispute of my answer than I initially put into my defence of my viewpoint.

“I’ve seen millions of posts like this and their all wrong” is possibly the most pointless answer in the history of debate unless you explain why they/me are wrong!!!

So it looks like if there’s going to be a decent counter to my ‘Competitive is Fun’ and ‘Spam is the only way to go in 5th’ arguments I’ll have to come up with it myself.

Lets start with the easy ones 😉

Alternatives to Looking Spammy.
1) Decoration.
This one is fairly simple. Take your ten identical Raiders, Venoms, Rhino’s and modify each one in some way to create a feel of individuality from one unit to another. This can be as simple as squad markings and naming vehicles to elaborate trophy racks and conversion jobs. But whatever you do it’s going to be better than 12 identically painted Razorbacks.

2) Different Paint Jobs.
I offer this as a suggestion but it’s not something I’d consider personally. Marines of different Chapters work together as do the followers of varying Chaos Gods and I’m sure that the Eldar Craftworlds must help each other out occasionally. So you could use similar vehicles but painted in different colours to represent a coalition of different forces. This goes against how I like armies to look but I’m sure there must be talented enough people out there to pull it off…maybe…

3) Use ‘Counts As’.
This is a bit tricky to do successfully as using a Defiler as a Predator is bound to create confusion if the alternate unit is also permissible in your army. I believe the rules for ‘Counts-as’ in the main rule-book clarify that if your using an existing part to represent something else then this change must be across the entire army. So maybe you could make this work amongst friends but it probably wouldn’t work at a major tournament and it really just changes what your spamming rather than eliminating Spam altogether

Alternatives to Being Spammy.
Now this sin’t anywhere as easy as people like to make it sound if you actually want to win a game every now and again. I’m not talking about kerb stomping every opponent but having any of your army left on turn three might be a novel change for some.

1) Same Effect Different Unit.
It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get the same effect from different units in the same Force Organisation Chart as the option to take three of the same thing but with slightly different names isn’t really how army lists work. If you take a Marine List as an example then each of the Heavy Support Choices do different things and compliment the army in different ways. Taking a ‘Dakka’ Predator, A Whirlwind and a squad of Devastators armed with Heavy Bolters would admittedly give you three different units that can take care of Infantry but would be a gift as far as enemy fire priority goes. The reason pure ‘Mech’ or pure ‘Horde’ armies can be so annoying is that they render certain of your weapons useless which is another good reason for creating a balanced army..

2) ‘Counts As’…..Again…..
As your probably aware I have little time for many of the ‘This army should be fluffy or your evil and by the way it has to be this specific fluff or nothing’ type of arguments. I am however quite sympathetic towards those people who use crappy units because they like the models or conversely won’t use decent units because they don’t like the models. The answer to this is rather simple…..use the models you like as a unit that doesn’t suck.

For example – Let’s say I like the Chaos Space Marine Possessed models but would never use them in a game because they’re grossly over pointed and can’t hurt tanks reliably. Lets further surmise that I like the idea of Khorne Berzerkers but am not fond of their dancing legs and out of proportion hands. The solution of using Chaos Possessed to represent Khorne Berzerkers isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination and due to the wide variety of mutations on the Possessed sprue I could have three or four units of them before they started to look like the Dreaded ‘Spam’ word. That’s just one obvious example and I’m sure you lot can think up other ones that are better with out much effort.

Okay then so I’ve started the ball rolling and I must admit that there may be ways of making a competitive army that avoids Spamming viable.

I’m still not convinced though…..Maybe someone out there has some better ideas…..

I’ll be interested to hear them 😉

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