On Sci Fi Tropes and GW

Discussion time folks.  I fully expect and encourage a lively, spirited debate on this subject, so please pay attention.

Warning, Sci Fi nerdery ahead

A while back, I had some choice words that I wanted to say about how all of the new Necron models look like they were ripped straight out of the Battlestar Galactica reboot.  Time slipped away from me and I never got to write that article.  Now, in the face of a 2nd wave of Necron models, I think it’s time to bring that discussion back.  Since I’ve also had several months to think about it, I’d also like to highlight a few other pieces of Sci Fi imagery that GW has worked into their models.

After the jump I’ll be displaying some of the greatest and most blatant offenders from the GW canon.  Feel free to link to more in the comments and participate in the discussion that will ensue.
It is perhaps not without irony that GW, a company who (rightly so) is swift to pass out C&D letters, has been dabbling in borderline plagiarism since its inception.  No, I’m not talking about the fact that without D&D GW would never have existed, but speaking more generally about their constant ability to rip off or perhaps if I weren’t wanting to accuse them of anything untoward- “incorporate” Sci Fi tropes and design concepts from movies and literature.  I am not here to pass judgement on whether this is ok or not- I’m really not sure yet, myself.  But I’d like to hear from the readership on this one.  Does this hurt the hobby?  Does this hurt copyright holders?  Is this hypocritical behavior?  Does it help us connect more readily with a product? 

The literature discussion is played out.  Everyone and their mom has a post on some forum about the day they learned that all the Chaos Gods were ripped off from mythology and literature.  You know the post- the one that exists solely to prove how well read and smart the author is.  Since we all know how smart and well read I am already, I’ll move on to showing you all that I am also something of a cinephile.

Enough of that noise, let’s look at some pictures.  Oh and I don’t think this really applies anymore now that nobody in the first world is on dial up, but this is going to be pic heavy.

First up today (and I’m only going to be dabbling in the 40K verse this time around) we’ve got this grav tank from “Star Wars Episode I”

  ….and here we have the Tau Hammerhead:

Kinda even has the same paint scheme, no?

While we’re on the subject of Star Wars, Here’s the AT-ST walker from “Return of the Jedi:”

…and then we have GW not trying so hard (and again with the same general fucking paint scheme) with the Imperial Guard Sentinel:

Speaking of Sentinels, here’s what “The Matrix” says they look like:

Which appears to have….erm….”inspired” the new Canoptek Spyder model

As promised, here is some BSG stuff.  Like this Resurrection ship:

…then we have the Necron Ghost Ark:

But of course they could not leave the Cylon raider alone either

Looks a lot like the Night Scythe methinks

But why stop there?  Why not move into the Alien movies (and we’re not even talking about the blatantly obvious entire Tyranid Range which I won’t even bother to picture here)

Gee dethtron, you’re right those face huggers do look an awful lot like the Necron Canoptek Wraiths

‘Ah, but would anyone dare to touch “Highlander II,” one of the worst movies ever made?’ you ask.  Well of course.  So I apologize for the picture, but Reno and Cora the “hedgehog twins” are here

It appears that the entire Internet does not contain a single action shot of them flying, but if you happen to know of one link me and I’ll update this.  Nonetheless, if you could see them flying, one rides a hoverboard like these Dark Eldar Hellions:

and the other has wings, not at all unlike these Dark Eldar Scourges:

On the subject of Dark Eldar and returning to our “Return of the Jedi” motif from earlier, I present you with this skiff:

which may remind you somewhat slightly of this Dark Eldar Raider, but with less knives

Add some swanky gunpods and you get Skeletor’s flying thingamajig from the ever terrible “Masters of the Universe”

Or you could just wind up with the Dark Eldar ravager

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