Porky’s Wild Bore – We’re gonna need bigger rolls?


Surf’s up. And I ain’t got nothing.

I’ve been surfing the blogs all week, but maybe there’s something in the water here at the House because while there’s clearly high quality posting going on – great work and good reading, and some of it inspirational – this time nothing’s bit me.


I’ll admit I do often see interesting posts over the horizon, at blogs outside the House rolls, and I’ve seen posts this week I’d love to have riffed off and linked to. But blogs off the rolls fall beyond the remit for this series.

It does make me think though: do we have enough members? Do we need to go fishing for more? Or let more fish for us?

This week we did have two bloggers swim in, and that’s always encouraging, even reassuring, but it’s also notable for being so rare. How often do we see even one new member?

I don’t think we’re doing it wrong, or not too wrong. At the very least each new blog in the rolls should get a traffic boost, just for being there and being seen, and potentially also for being talked about and being involved in the back and forths here and at the other blogs.

Then there’s the feedback and inspiration. The past few weeks we’ve seen all kinds of funky strands woven by the writers and commenters into ongoing dialogues, which then flow out to spark new work. The House is quite possible a rich spawning ground.

So if you’re reading this and you have a blog that you think could or should be in the rolls, tell Lo.

If you don’t, or you’re in already, maybe come and chum a bit? If you know someone who has a blog, or you think one of your favourite blogs deserves the attention, let that person know. Give them the link.

For all the cool blogs already in the rolls, and any given interest, each new blog has new things to offer – and maybe the broader, deeper or quirkier those things the better.

So who’s got it beat?

T- IttIafwtftyagtitppuisuabyonta!

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