Power-gaming Makes the World Go Round…

Lets cut to meat of the issue shall we,

Competition is a bloody good thing. If we didn’t feel the need to push ourselves to the limit in order to be better than other like minded individuals then the world would be a much worse place.

No Sport for a start…..

Okay that probably didn’t scare as many of you as it might have done…..

No on-line gaming…..

NOW your beginning to get worried…..

And I don’t think any of us who are being honest would prefer a world where members of the opposite sex didn’t strive to improve themselves,

Of course there’d also be no X-Factor,

We know how you feel Simon…..

So it’s not necessarily all one sided, lol.

However to many people in our little community competition is bad. They have there reasons of course….They’re bollocks* reasons, but they have them nonetheless.

* Which is (if your interested) a word of Anglo/Saxon origin meaning testicles. But to people in Britain it is often used as a noun to mean something which is nonsense, which is obviously the context I’m using it in 😉

Bollocks Reason 1.
Spam armies are boring to look at.

If THIS bores you then you’re in the wrong hobby…

Well that really depends on what your looking for in an army now doesn’t it? I personally quite like the look of an army with a unifying theme far more than I enjoy looking at an army made up of one of everything just so the owner can say that they did. Effort put into that army counts for a lot in my book and if those ten Razorbacks are all beautifully painted with squad markings that match the units mounted in them then that’s fine. Lets also not forget that there are as many poorly painted and crappy to look at none competitive armies as there are competitive ones.

Bollocks Reason 2.
They’re boring to play against.

Which more often than not translates as ‘it kicked my fucking arse’. Here’s an idea…..get better at playing.

Okay that might have been a bit harsh…..How about this then…

Try a different strategy against that army. Rather than line up in front of it like a load of ducks in a shooting gallery try deploying as a refused flank, reserve your whole army, screen your valuable units with expendable ones, etc. Just because your opponent knows the names of a few blogs that have awesome army lists on them doesn’t mean he knows how to use those awesome lists. ‘Well I was going to lose anyway’ is not the kind of attitude that teaches anybody…well…anything, really.

Bollocks Reason 3.
Well I only play for fun.

Really? Winning isn’t fun then?? Your seriously not joking are you???
This reason bothers me more than most because it implies that the word fun means ‘losing like a bitch’ which it blatantly doesn’t. If your idea of fun is using themed armies in a narrative campaign of your own devising where the primary driving force is the story rather than the victory then that’s obviously an entirely reasonable usage of hobby time and I’ll be happy to join in and I’m sure we’ll all have ‘fun’, In fact I might even bring the beer, lol. However, if afterwards I then go and have a ‘pick-up’ game where I decide to bring along twelve Razorbacks and/or fifteen Missile Launchers worth of Long Fangs then I wouldn’t expect you to think any the less of me…


Because that’s fun as well 😉

Bollocks Reason 4.
Those sort of armies aren’t ‘Fluffy’.

Your right for the most part they’re not and you know what? It’s your fucking fault! Do you honestly think that Games Workshop (or any other company for that matter) is going to bother to tighten up there rules-set and increase the quality of their codex writing to make competitive and ‘Fluffy’ armies creatable from their army lists as long as so much of their customer base is happy to except what their already dishing out…

Okay I’m done…..

The floor is now open for opposing viewpoints…..just make sure that they’re not a load of bollocks please…..

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