Henchman Hardcore report plus initial AoS Ogre progression

It’s been a busy month (wait what, October already?) as the penultimate year of studies heads towards its conclusion and mid semester break (which is always in week 10 of 13, go figure) has arrived to give us students a much needed breather. While there hasn’t been much painting happening (I need a colour scheme for the ogre merc company) but there has been a few gaming opportunities to be had, the most recent being a Henchman Hardcore event.

The event was 5 rounds lasting 30mins each, with the conditions that the match is played at 20 soulstones total to be spent on four models, one of which being your free crew leader who must be a henchman/woman/demon/creepy fish monster.

For this event, I decided to test run some Wave 4 goodness (which hasn’t hit the shelves officially yet outside of Gen Con) and use Aeslin (pronounced Ashling) as my henchwoman.


She’s the frowny wooden-dress Dryw, center left. The new Master, Titania is far right. The glowy bum fairies are not even Fae, but are Will’o’the wisps.

Aeslin’s no slouch as she generates an extra AP for cast actions (which all of her attacks are). Combined with the Tooth and Claw (both to her right, respectively) there’s a lot of synergy happening. To fill out the remaining points after whacking on some upgrades, a depleted was used was not used as I forgot to bring them, so Iggy was substituted to my, er, woe.

Anyhow, the list proper:

-Taproot (1)

The Tooth  (7)

The Claw (7)

Iggy (5)

From playing this, I’m unsure on Taproot. Sure Titania’s thematic crew can law down scheme markers like crazy, but there’s a churn and burn approach. If a scheme marker is burned during an attack, there may be none close by when the attacker becomes the attacked. Long story short I cam dead last but enjoyed every moment.

There’s a lot to keep track of and turns out opponents with beaters aren’t keen on Curse of Autumn, an ability which is basically a Wp duel or slow when an enemy begins their activation nearby (re: engaged). Gotta remember so much before I can actually start winning games but it’s either this: a) I get a few months/up to a year of practice in with Titania et al before her crew is released to general public or b) run back to Lilith and game with a familiar master (still don’t win but am getting more tactically aware with Lily).

Moving onto the Age of Sandwich ogres, or ogors (or even gutbusters if we’re using keywords) the initial 4 bulls have been completed. It took a while as I’ve been neglecting my painting and am horribly out of practice. Coupled in the general difficulty of painting fleshtones, they have turned out quite pleasingly regardless!

Ogres have layers...of paint on them.

Ogres have layers…of paint on them.

Obviously the basing looks nothing like the initial early spring mountainous terrain I wanted thus something had to give when I sat back and thought about the army. Why, exactly, would their armour be so rusted if they were in a rather temperate environment where there’s little opportunity for such extensive rust.

The initial idea behind my Age of Squidward force was to have a mercenary company of ogres/FANTASY OGRYNS being displaced due to the Realm of \m/ a.k.a Chamon being held firmly in the grip of the Farces of Chaos. They would then take up refuge in a different realm while attempting to reclaim their former base. Something to that effect, anyway. The realm in question appears to be Aqshy, the realm of Australia/Fire (same difference, really). Setting the ogres in the realm of fire, then doing their bases to appear like a salt flat or similar would definitely suit the extensive rust on their equipment.

Here are are couple of close-ups on the ogres, or gutbusters if you go by Age of Skeletor keywords.


First up is this guy, he was kinda fun to paint as I attempted a non-caucasian skin tone using yellows and purples to shade instead of greens and reds. His left hand was a conversion where the musician shouting hand was removed and replaced with a stock-standard punchy fist.


It’s punchy!

Next up is a different ogre with some depth-perception problems….


It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

This guy got a spare punchy fist (I seriously do not know what they’re called) from the Mournfang box, which has enough spare bitz to make MOAR ironguts and the Tyrant who’ll be leading this force.


In Age of Sigmarines, the Generalissimo’s HandNoun VerbBook lists the minimum unit size for the ogres as 3, to a max of 12. Given that there’s 22 ogres total, 2 are going into characters, 4 into leadbelchers and another 10 or so into ironguts, I’ll probably end up with two units of 4 ogres for the time being.


See below youtube video link. Is an abridged episode of NGE

The above guy is a unit bellower/musician. No idea what he does as yet (I need to read some warscrolls, but that’s later, right now painting and modelling) but I think there needs to be a few fat, decidedly English or Aussie ogres who are there to hurl abuse/sledge to opposition. Maybe something like this  -abridging is hilarious to listen to, though it’s been years since I actually watched any of that sort (it was big around 2009-2012 then it sorta died off), the bellower reminded me of that link. Plus, y’know, NGE isn’t easily available in PAL and I’ve been meaning to watch it since…forever.


In closing, there’ll be more of these guys to come and GODDAMNIT I need to find a PAL set of Evangelion, or some way to view the entire series given how it’s not in production anymore (the holders of the rights are kinda big asshats).

More mangled English and poorly taken photos coming soon to a blow website near you.


  • Cedric Ballbusch

    That reminds me that NGE is set in 2015…

    And nice Ogres or Gutbusters if you’re into keywords.

    • What are you talking about? You mean Ogors?

      • Thuloid

        Oh Grrs?
        Oag Rawrs.

        • The Warlock

          Buttgusters, most definitely.

  • Malifaux has a fae faction now? Godammit. It would be so easy just to buy a starter box and – no! NO!

    That rust effect looks cool though. And I like the salt flat idea. My brother has dropped off some skaven for me to add to my tiny beastman force, so it looks like I’ll be putting on my big boy pants and playing me some AoS.

    It’s hella confusing though. Am I seriously allowed to just use my unit of beastmen, my beastlord, some skaven, and a unit of dark elf executioners left over from the 1990s, and put them on the table, and they all hold hands and punch my brother’s unholy Undead/High Elf/Bretonnian alliance? And there’s no points values or anything?

    If so… that is so metal. Embrace the chaos I always say. It’s just kind of hard to believe.

    Oh and now I see what you guys were talking about with the keywords and warnouns. My Beastlord has a brayshield! Yes!

    • The Warlock

      Yep, FAE is a keyword now. Titania is neverborn and half the starter set is neverborn, so- Yes. YES!

      In narrative setting, yes. In matched play, yes, though you won’t get little bonuses granted from picking everything from the same grand alliance or subfaction. Go for it!

      Points from the Generalissimo’s HandNoun VerbBook are for the minimum unit size- example, ogres are 3 min, 12 max and are 120 points per 3, so 6 ogres is 240 and so on. IF you don’t have 6 ogres and have, say, 4, you need to pay for the full 6 even though you don’t have 6 ogres. I’d like to see the more granular Xpts/model return, but maybe that’s in the future.

      I don’t think AoS can ever be truly competitive but is more game third, hobby second and spectacle tied with ‘shits and giggles’ for first.

      • Ok but how do these ad hoc mixes of models translate into AoS fluff for narrative play? This is how I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong:

        There are nine (or seven or whatever) realms, which are like… elemental planes in D&D? but there are also planes that are like the elements in M:tG or Skylanders, so life, death, steampunk world, etc. On every plane are little communities of pretty much everyone, who were originally survivors of the destruction of the Old World but it’s been thousands of years and now they’re just their own cultures. And unlike 40k there’s no real xenophobia. People of all kinds just hang out when it suits them and don’t when it doesn’t, like a modern society. And skeletons and greenskins are people too! Like in Warcraft.

        If that’s right, then my army is like… a bunch of scheming skaven who have taken up some beastmen for extra muscle, and hired some dark elf mercenaries. But what’s people’s motivation? Are there mixed bands like this just cruising around the realms causing trouble?

        I dunno man. Sounds pretty out there.

        • The Warlock

          Pretty much nailed it. There’s 9 realms, one for each lore of magic from WHFB plus the realm of chaos. It’s a bit MTG though inter-realm travel is gated by aptly named realmgates. There are humans (living ones) in the realm of death, for example, so one wouldn’t be out of place theming an empire army set in the realm of death.

          As for the setting: In the beginning, Sigmar united everyone against chaos, but fighting ensued and every faction is roughly 50% get off my lawn and 50% hey let’s team up to fight chaos. Nagash is a bit of a dick, doing his schtick in this age but with the bonus of being the embodiment of death magic.

          Your last paragraph is exactly what I was going for- displaced mercs roaming around and getting up to mayhem.

          • Heh heh Nagash rules. Especially the OG Nagash model, he looks like a bad guy from Adventure Time, or some 80s surf-metal album cover.

            Did you end up doing the GW rust recipe? I have to say, it looks better in your pics than in the WD ones you showed last time. I think they overdid it, but yours look nice 🙂

          • The Warlock

            Thanks for the compliment! The GW method was used due to simplicity and time constraints.

            If you’re still going to use reactive metal paints in the future I can send the stuff I’ve got down south as I doubt I’ll use it anytime soon

          • Well if you’re not using it… send me an fb message and we can arrange it!

  • Thuloid

    Your new vocabulary is the best thing going for Age of Spandex. If the books kept up terminology like this, and had equally manic rules, I might consider playing.

    Also very nice paintyness.

    • The Warlock

      I think that Age of is the best thing to joke about.
      Turns out I’m having fun going through and painting this force for Age of Suitcase. Gotta get more buttgusters/o-grrrrrs, oGors -seriously, Ogors make them sound like Beastmen as the beasts have ungors, bestigors, gors, Tzaangors, so Ogors is…out of place?

      Defs gonna be the “second game” after Malifaux.

  • I’m surprised to see Malifaux doing anything. It is officially DED here.

    • The Warlock

      Wyrd seems to be going from strength to strength, though the game isn’t as popular is it should (re: will) be in Australia. High fantasy and sci-fi rule the roost still.

      Granted our group of players is about 10 people, but that’s a fair bit of Brissie and surrounds.

      Good to see you round the House, Lo 😀