Repository of Troubles

This list is mostly for myself, so that I have a central place to consider when issues come up.


Many of you have emailed me about various problems, or there are problems I know about and need to fix. Having them all in one place will help me get to them at some point. (I hope.) If you know of issues or things that need to be corrected  not mentioned here, please stick em in the comments.

1. Question marks in old posts.

2. Old posts mis-attributed to incorrect authors.

3. Old posts need category corrections.

4. RSS feed issues when someone updates their blog.

5. No schedule or action plan for writing at the moment.

6. SEO stuff. (How to write good SEO titles?)

7. Several Pages need updates/rewrites.

8. Archives on main page/possible retool of widgets.

9. TOP X.



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  • Thuloid

    Can we rename this the Sea of Troubles, leaving open the Hamlet solution?

    • No. I hate Shakespeare. A LOT.

      • MerryVulture

        I approve this message.

        • I’ll admit to having an appreciation for the arts, including Shakespeare, which helps being near a couple cities with a fair presence when it comes to such things.

      • Cedric Ballbusch

        Hamlet is overrated. I prefer Julius Caesar.

        • Thuloid

          I’m not opposed to that way of resolving our troubles.

  • Well I’ve got this rash and it’s starting to spread to my……..oh hang on your talking about with the site nah that’s allright although it does quite regularly crash my browser now but I imagine that’s the limit of my techy tech not the site itself

  • I’ll volunteer for Top X duty. I’ll see if I can manage it weekly.

    • I won’t say no, but that wasn’t the point, really.

      • Yeah, I know – you were just putting it on the list, right? But I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Unless you had another idea. I’m good for whatevs.

        • I love the idea. Just don’t want anyone feeling forced into anything.

          • Oh OK. No worries, I was just trawling the rolls this morning…

  • The Warlock

    The schedule is probably the main thing. Was half-terrified of stepping on other’s toes. Once uni settles down a bit I’ll resume stuff, at the moment I feel some motivation for hobby stuff but want to take it slow and steady for now.

  • Where’s SinSynn gone? We miss ya buddy