Rules Questions?

Hello there. It’s been a while. Lantz here as the newest-old writer for the HoP. You may remember me from the first HOP Idol, from the Where In The World Is Lantz series or from one of the other blogs I’ve written for. There are a few. Anyway, I’m back here at HoP on a post-here-and-there kind of agreement with the HoP gang and to start I’d like to offer up my rules knowledge to all of you. Let’s face it, 6th Edition of 40k hasn’t been out long and no one is an expert. No, not even that friend you have that’s absolutely positive that a Death Ray can hit flyers. So how does this work and why do I feel I can be the conclusion to whatever slap-fight you and your gaming group have gotten themselves into? More after the jump.

How this is going to work is pretty simple. More or less than once a week (probably less) I will read over emails sent to me from all of you wondering how a specific rule should work in the new edition of 40k. Maybe you and your buddy completely disagree. Maybe you have an idea for a sweet new list, but you’re unsure whether some of the rules combinations are legal. This is where I come in.
So what makes me think I can solve your dilemma on the table? Why am I so high up on my pedestal. Well, first, I’m a cocky son of a bitch. An honest cocky son of a bitch, but cocky none the less. In addition, I have a very objective personality and this translates well to the game of 40k. I will take all things into consideration, RAW and RAI. It’s no secret that even 4 years from now when rumors of 7th Edition start creeping up that all of the rules questions will be answered; ironing out details isn’t GW’s bag. There will always be contentions and questions every day that we play this game and I’m here to give my take on each one.
Will this be the answer you want? Will it be correct come the next FAQ? Often the answer will be, “no”. But that’s not why I’m running this series. The reason is to give an educated guess with citations, references and above all an objective opinion on each rules quandary. You can argue it, agree with it or simply open a new Firefox tab and seek out some sexual gratification from the porn industry. It doesn’t matter either way to me, I just want the answers.
So, how do you contact me? Easy enough; send me an email at sinaura40k(at)gmail(dot)com and check back here at the HOP to see my response.
Stay tuned for more and some catchy title I’ll come up with for this series later.

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