The Sixth Day of Fishmas

dethtron:  finally, a card truly worthy of a trip to the hospital.

Lauby:  I’m going to go on record as saying that this is our best designed card.  It’s super aggressive but with just enough of a draw back to really make using it a risk.  A risk that Bernie was ALWAYS willing to take despite the fact that it was constantly being burned off the table as soon as it hit.  Which is a good way to run up an eight drink deficit over the course of a couple of hours with no tangible benefit.
Uglyraincoat: Sometimes learning is difficult… like when you’re drunk from playing George Thorogood on each of your first two turns.  It was a bit like watching a cow learn about electric fences.  
dethtron:  awesomeness of this card not withstanding, I just want to declare my undying hatred for the actual George Thorogood publicly.
Lauby: I’m going to have to reevaluate our friendship.

Lauby:  If there was ever a card we put in the wrong damn color, this is it.  

dethtron:  yeah, how did that happen?  Who edited this set?
Uglyraincoat: We should have gone all in with a Wrath of Fisherman card.  

Lauby:  At least with Billy Rubin’s worhtless mechanic, you might actually get something out of the deal.  He’s still shitty on every level, but at least he isn’t Hank.  Our other grand planeswalker, on the other hand, is a Royal Assasin.  For fish.  You can’t see it right now, but I’m face palming.

Uglyraincoat: On this occasion, sir, I find you completely right-headed.  
Fixed: Tap, Sacrifice a Worm; Destroy target fish.  At the end of turn, put that fish into play under your control with a zombie counter.  Creatures with zombie counters count as zombie creatures.  
dethtron:  more counters and zombies?  Your edits are fine and just good sir.  

Uglyraincoat: ‘frotection, eh?  An underused game concept if I ever saw one.

Lauby:  Oh, for the love of Pete!  That does actually say ‘frotection’.  How… how is that even possible?  I was using a QWERTY keyboard, ‘p’ and ‘f’ aren’t even near each other!  Fuuuuuuuuuuck.  You can’t see it., but I’m face-palming again.  
dethtron:  we appear to have been using GW-style standards of editing throughout this project.  In other news I can’t even begin to explain the mechanics of this card.  Does she gain abilities because she is enchanting?  is this another terrible pun?
Uglyraincoat: Why would she become a terrible killing monster?  Shouldn’t this pun involve tapping things?
Lauby:  What you did there.  I see it.

Uglyraincoat: I proudly still own, and wear, that same shirt.  

Lauby:  I feel like we could have made this card more interesting than a 1/1 with dredge (a mechanic I am quite fond of though).  But I like the spirit of the card.  What with all the heavy drinking.  But being a kinda vanilla card isn’t the real missed chance here – I could have done more with the art.  I think I did this one towards the end of my mad art dash and I just plain ran out of steam.  the composition is off and the filters I used to blend things together just didn’t gel.  Though that shirt is pretty boss.
dethtron:  I kind of like that the art is “off” on this card.  I also don’t see the point of dredging up a 1/1 zombie.  
Uglyraincoat: No.  No point.  Now if you got some predetermined or random number of additional zombie tokens….
dethtron:  yes, tokens.  That’s the ticket.

Uglyraincoat: That kid was real, about ten years old, and an asshole.
dethtron:  I’ll take the mature road out of this situation and just say fuck that kid.
Lauby:  welp, there goes the plans to name the children’s center named after you.  The alums are gonna be pissed.

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