[Surprise Attack!] Crushed Glass Snow Effects

Okay, I’m out of town for work again so here’s the first on deck for the latest experiments to hold down the fort until I get back home to cause more mayhem in the Nerd Lair: Crushed glass snow effects from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

At the very, very beginning it needs to be made clear that this stuff is dangerous. You don’t want to breathe it, at all. It will seriously jack up your lungs if you do. Wear some kind of respirator.

See? Positive role model hard at work. 

Although the particles that you model with are about the size of salt crystals, they grind against each other like some kind of silicon-based twerk machinery and produce a very fine powder that will rise up into the air when you open the jar. It looks like every animated “soul leaving the body” scene ever produced. Haunted glass? Kind of creepy.

It’s also recommended that you wear goggles and gloves. I’m not saying its a good or bad idea either way, probably a good idea if you do, but I didn’t. Shame on me. 
You’ll need some kind of realistic water, the kind used for modelling water on bases and terrain. Either you have some on hand already or you can buy a bundle kit from the Secret Weapon online store, or your FLGS. Mine still hasn’t stocked anything from a company that was founded after 1980, so I went the online route. Le sigh. 
Pour some realistic water in a mixing cup, palette, whatever, and slowly add some crushed glass to taste. Generally, the more water you have the slushier it will look. Adding more glass will ‘dry it out’ and you will get thicker, clumpier results. 

Take a high tech spreading device and smear a bit on the base until you get the coverage you want.

Below is an example of “slushy” snow with a high content of realistic water.

This was a little too slushy for me, so I sprinkled some pure glass onto the wet stuff on the base. Every model I have done so far has this same effect, it end up looking very dry. That’s what I was going for, but I want to spice it up a bit and the next ones will probably be a little ‘wetter’ and I’ll play around a bit with adding those pre-made tufts of grass to break up the base a bit.

The final, dried effect. Although it is hard to show in a still photograph this stuff has a mild sparkle to it. Definitely the best I’ve seen for snow effects. It also sticks well to the figure and dries to the consistency of tile grout. This stuff ain’t going nowhere. I’ve been thinking about chipping some off of some of the bases where I got carried away and put too much down, but honestly I’m not sure it will come off. Be advised. 

 After heavy use on about fifteen minis, four of which used 40mm bases, I still had this much left over. Not too shabby!

It typically retails for around $8 US, but right now Secret weapon is having a 20% off sale on everything and you can pick it up for $6. Not a bad deal, and very cost effective.

Stay Classy,


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