[Surprise Attack!] Decalizing Pt. 2 (Now with 47% More Terrain Reviews!!!)

Family reunions are swell, aren’t they? My visitors are doing well, and as much as I’m glad to see the Old Man and my Wicked Step-Mother (her name for herself, not mine), at night I furtively sneak a longing look at PROJECT: INFINITY and mentally wish it into fruition…

In the meantime we have a galaxy to conquer. So much to do!

Here we are posing for a family portrait

Just to shake this “One Trick Pony” feeling I’ve got with all the recent dice cube madness, here’s a few more things you can do with a sheet full o’ decals. I picked up the Dust Tactics Quonset Huts and I gotta say, they’re a hell of a deal. Six of them in a pack for about $20 retail breaks out to a touch over $3 each. They’re perfect for a ton of game systems, they’re a decent size, you can join them end-to-end for larger huts, they scale well to 28mm, and hell even the damn doors open and close. If you transport your terrain you don’t have to glue them together, and the individual pieces stack very well back into the box as a transport case. They paint up easy, too. They come black but I liked the snow camo on the box cover and shamelessly copy-catted it with some spray paint and masking tape, not hard to pull of if you like it too. I highly recommend picking these up, and I think we all know what a total cheap-ass I am and how good something must be for me to recommend actually exchanging currency for pre-made terrain.

“BC approved,” and I just made a stamp sound out loud for extra emphasis. Really, I did.

Anyways, I sliced out a bunch of the Ariadnan symbols and posters, and hey we got a ton of terrain for the table on the cheap and looking good in no time at all. The MicroSol is good for posters on the ribbed roof, it settles them into the grooves the texture pops out nice. Kinda hard to see with my shitty photography and a lack of proper dullcote yet, but I was quite pleased with the results. I’ll probably weather them a bit with a file, that’s usually a good idea. I usually gloss coat before I apply decals but I ran out of Testor’s Lacquer and everywhere in town was sold out this week (“WHAT?!?!?!”) and in the end I couldn’t be bothered just for some posters on terrain. Here’s some shots, the first two were pulled from the web and my own are still drying so they’re a little shiny and wrinkly.

That’s it for this week, short and sweet. IRL shit is sucking up my posting time.

Lo, I have not forgotten about paper terrain, but I have something special planned where it links to another project I have to go to the hardware store for…

Keep your heads down for a bit, I just had a drop ship land with an ammo resupply.

Pew! Pew!…and Viva la Revolución!


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