[Surprise Attack!] Doubles Tourney

What is up, players?

We tried something new out in my local scene: A doubles tournament where each player gets 200pts, same turn movement without restriction but you can’t share orders. YAMS rules: draw six, keep one each, share two between allies, discard two. The shared ones need both allies to complete it for the point, which was an interesting twist for some, and flat-out impossible for others. Interesting…

Sixteen players show up and are randomly paired into eight teams. Nemesis Bart makes it out to the tourney with me and is matched with Brian/Doremicom, I’m linked with Austin and his Morat Aggression Force. Should make for some good synergy with my Ariadna chompy/shooty list, which is just a trimmed down version of my NOVA stuff and slightly different than the practice one I ran against Nemesis Bart. I’ve dropped a Chasseur and gained a Spetznaz with sniper rifle. Austin’s new to me, but after today I’ve certified him as an official Bush Craft Approved™ Not-A-Douche and we had a great day crushing Yuengling and occasionally other players.

More like “rarely”, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Up first we play Tournament Organizer Karl’s Haqislam and Chris’s Nomads on Todd’s block board. Austin and I get deployment and come up with a plan to oppose Karl’s nasty rooftop Lasiq snipers with Austin’s Morat Link Team and my Tankhunter group. Austin and I will keep our long range shooters up on the roofs with line-of-sight only to the opposing rooftops. Once we’ve cleared the roofs we’ll creep forward to “slice the pie” and draw line-of-sight to bad guys on the ground. Karl and Chris will likely do the same. We figure that whoever wins the ineviable first turn long-rang duel between the sides will pretty much dominate the game and have the win in the bag. Somebody’s getting a blowout.

Oh, how right we were…

We start off in a bad place, as Karl notices some of our guys lying prone on the roofs have their bases against the edge, denying them any cover from troops below…and full line-of-sight between them.

The Morats and their precious heavy machine gun take a beating, no survivors. Moving on from there my Tankhunters duel it out with the snipers and are wiped out, too. At least the Doktor backing them up is only unconscious and can heal himself…oh, wait: He totally can’t. Dang it. I compound our fail by forgetting about my Chasseur on the far right edge, who could have made some unopposed ARO pot-shots at the Lasiqs, or at least forced some dice to be distributed on to her to block her sniping, possibly changing the outcome. With our MVPs bleeding out on the ground we’re unable to do a whole lot against snipers and a Magaribha Guard spider tank. We snarl and swing back, but as the game moves on we are ground to dust.

Chris blasts my Antipodes to pieces as they charge him in an impotent rage, then measures how far he’s going to throw their heads in triumph [Not an actual game technique, sadly].

As we pick ourselves off the floor, we cruise over to see how Brian and Nemesis Bart are doing in their game. Quite well, apparently. Looks like D just rolled five Criticals?

Next up, Austin and I face Marlon’s Ariadna and Calvin’s Aleph on the board I brought. Austin and I huddle and concur that our plan last game was a good one, we just need to execute it better. We draw our YAMS cards and are pleased with our luck: One of mine is “Kill two guys in close combat”, an easy one for Antipodes. We also get “Control the Civilian”, and “Kill A Guy in the Civilian’s Line of Sight”. Hell yeah, we double down on all that shiznit for maximum points.

On our right flank Calvin unknowingly drops his TO camo at the end of the hallway from the camo marker hiding my Antipodes. You can pretty much guess how that went.

Moving forward, they bumrush 12″ at a time to the far right corner where he’s hiding his Netrods behind a refinery. Same deal for them, and I’ve simultaneously scored my doubled “Maul the Crap Out of Dudes” objective and crippled his order pool. Tee-hee.

Chasseur (camo) scoots up close to the civilian (blue) in order to make an easy grab later. First, more killing.

Veteran Kazak Lieutenant watches from cover while the Tankhunters and Doktor creep up on the bridge.

Austin brings up the Morat link team, smoke bombing his way forwards into cover. Come around that corner and mess with them, we dare ya.

In Calvin’s turn he brings up his Deva and linked Bot, toasting the Antipodes with a heavy flamethrower. Eep! There is one survivor who flees between two buildings, only to die a coward’s death the next turn.

Which is a fitting fate for the beast: In the Kazak army, it takes more courage to retreat than to advance. Onwards! Za Rodinu!

Austin frolics a bit with his his Zerat, but is met with nasty surprises from the Mormaer and Chasseur. The Zerat’s mine helps her out by pasting the Chasseur, but there’s no happy ending to come from dueling with a Mormaer’s Armor 5 stacking with Armor 3 for cover.

By this point, my Chasseur has swiped the Civilian and made her way back to the safety of our deployment zone. Because we shared this objective, Austin and I both have to have a dude in base-to-base contact with her at the end of the game to claim the points. Because it’s well past Beer O’Clock, we’ve made a pact to remind each other that we will not forget to save orders to link up our dudes and control the civvy. Apparently we’ve succesfully fought through the alcoholic haze and pulled off some kind of tactics, or something. High five! Chasseur plays with her hair while she waits for the game to end.

Objectives are looking good, but there’s always more shooting to do. Heavy weapons move up with medical support to take positions on the bridge and duke it out.

Wulver gets lit up and dropped, then supression fire gets put on the Highlander Grey with my last order.

Calvin plays an ace up his sleeve and rocks my world with an Ekdr…Ekodro…Ekidro…”E-word” jump troop in my deployment zone. He slays the Volunteer that was watching for just this very trick, then battles it out with my Veteran Kazak Lieutenant. Tension! My LT takes a wound but keeps on rocking, and desperately finishes off the drop troop assassin.

Marlon’s Mormaer LT scowls at us from across the board as we cash in our objective points for the win. Or maybe he’s just staring at Russ’s butt.

Checking in on the other tables, the energy is flowing as a neighboring game wraps up and final rolls are being made.

Next up is the final match against Russ’s Combined Army and Derek’s Noma-…holy shit, Derek isn’t bringing his Nomads! He’s running Tohaa, and I have no idea how he plays them. We’ll soon find out. He further compounds his trickery by calling me out for running the same list as last time…and the time before that…and the time before that. Possibly even the time before that. Which is true. I’ve been a one-trick pony lately, fine-tuning my Ariadna. If only I was working on a super-secret project that he wasn’t suspecting…if only…hmmmmm

First turn: Russ watches Derek plan our demise, while Austin shoots them with his laser eyes.
PEW PEW! Laser eyes knock troops off the board as fast as Derek can pull them out but eventually Austin runs out of jigawatts and the enemy deploys.

Heavy weapons team starts to drop, but the medic is still going and raises them up. Get back in the fight, coward! It takes more courage to retreat than to…ah, you know how it goes.

Due to a lack of pics (but surplus of beer) there’s an interlude while we fast forward. Drinks and snacks are available in the Lauby lobby.

While you were gone Russ’s piddly widdle Yaogat “sniper” is punching far, far above his weight. He’s killed my heavy weapons off for good, scared the crap out of my Vet Kazak LT, and stalled Austin’s assault on the right. We hatch a plan where I will charge Derek’s troops with my Antipodes on our left, then drop smoke with their Controller’s grenade launcher so Austin can bring his sole Daturazi Witch Soldier in under cover of it’s own smoke grenades to counter-attack Derek’s assault up that flank. They have us on the ropes but we can fight it off.

I launch the Antipodes…and discover that Derek has a heavy flamethrower in the link team I’m charging. YES. I love those things. So much. Lucky me. He toasts the puppies in ARO and I shrug and look at Austin. Sorry bro, it’s all on you now. Counting and planning our last few orders we continue with the plan, but the Daturazi doesn’t survive the run at Derek’s assault force and the game ends with a win for them.

Bart and Brian end up in first place, giving them each a $40 gift certificate at the store. Austin and I end up in sixth place. After Bart finishes shopping and picks out his free loot we pile into my truck for the long drive home, pausing only to dump my battered corpse in a random ditch.

Just take my bones away.

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