[Surprise Attack!] In Praise of the Build Day

Lead Mountains grow.

Terrain mocks you with its monotonous MDF walls.

Boxes stack up on the shelf.

Everything on the table is shiny pewter.

Patches of green stuff attract eyes and a grimace.

This will not stand, no sir.

Some days you just gotta Get Shit Done.

Get your mates over, break out the clippers, uncap the superglue, and crack open some beers.

Working on Banks’ Tohaa. I’m loving this Vallejo base spackle. Kind of hard to see in this pic, but it’s gorgeous stuff that dries well. He just about loses his mind when he sees me break down and use superglue accelerator on a piece that just won’t stick right, after we’ve been holding minis together and watching them dry for endless hours. “YOU’VE HAD THIS THE WHOLE TIME???” I explain to him that patience is a virtue which must be mastered by the tabletop warrior, but he’s still a little salty about it. “You know that part in Karate Kid where Mister Miyagi has him waxing on, waxing off? That’s what we just did here.”

Another Saturday night, another evening spent gluing tiny alien dongs. Mom and Dad must be proud of me.

The local crew out in force for Build Night at my place. Pictured: Shit Gettin’ Done.

Like we’d get this many guys together and NOT have a game go down. Banks and Chef square off. Both of them got into Infinity about the same time and both are at about the same level of ability so they constantly push each other to get better. It’s great to watch…

…and here they are caught mid smack-talk.

Every thirty minutes I cast another set of plaster scatter terrain for the big tournament coming up in April. Every…thirty…damn…minutes. Still only halfway through the thirty pound box of plaster we’re using for it.

My Build Day results! Some Combined Army reinforcements so I don’t have to proxy the new profiles, some Nomads for my wife, some random stuff I picked up, and a few Ariadna stragglers that didn’t make it into last year’s efforts.

Banks’ Tohaa: Assembled, based, and primed. “I can paint these in, like, a day, right?” Yeah, dude. Sure you can…

I also added a little decoration to my respirator which is, I’ve been told, quite fetching. I was going for “terrifying” but I’ll settle for “fetching”.


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