[Surprise Attack!] More Infinity Third Edition Cont’d

Carrying on from Part One, where we left off with Weaponry and Equipment. There was a couple changes to the last post so you might want to check back with it.

Or not. It’s a free country.

I’m much more awake and rested than last time, but mistakes happen so feel free to shout me down in the comments section for ruining your favorite game and perverting impressionable young minds.

Maybe we’ll get to those Dropships this time…? Jump!

It’s a Stones kind of day today.


-Guided weapons firing at Targeted models no longer auto-hit, it’s just +6. Suck it, Nomads. (106)
-There’s a new kid on the block: Silent. Basically, if you kill/incapacitate the target no one gets to turn and face you. MBO: Seems very situational but potentially useful. Haqq, Yu-Jing, and Combined players will probably love it. (106)
-There’s good old fashioned Armor Piercing, hasn’t changed. There’s Breaker, which is armor piercing for BTS rolls. Continuing this theme there’s still Double Action, and it’s BTS counterpart Double Trouble. Make two BTS saves per hit. (108-109)
-E/M ammunition got not-shitty. Not only does it work against all Heavy Infantry including Ariadna (Boo! Hiss!), TAGs, etc, but it now Isolates troopies. Troops that are Isolated can’t use other troops’ orders. It messes with Lieutenants. MBO: Yowza, what’s up Kazak Scout? Might be seeing you soon. (109)
-Plasma is now just a small teardrop, no more pick and choose with circular, but it’s now an armor and BTS save.  (114)

First things first: The range bands are way easier to read. There’s tiny little lines to make things clear for dumbasses like me. I hated the old ones where they put the colored bands in between the ranges, they didn’t line up and it was just a pain to read quickly. Thank you.

There’s also been a lot of changes to those range bands. Most famously, HMGs no longer get +3 at short ranges. 16-32″ for you now, bubba.

Also worth noting is template weapons negate the +3 to armor for being in partial cover. MBO: Holy shit that’s crazy! Write it down. 

– Drop Bears: Mines you can throw. MBO: Sure, why not? I don’t really care right now but I have a feeling I’m going to learn to hate them. (117)
-All grenades are now +3 out to 8″, not 4″. MBO: Dad-dy like-y. (120)
-There’s this thing called a Nimbus Grenade, which is like a flashbang, but not. So it’s like a smoke grenade, but not, because we already have those. MBO: It’s a little of both and works against MSV, which is it’s true purpose for existing. (121)

-Missile Launchers split up the ridiculous  circular template that had both Armor Piercing and Explosive. It’s now template with Explosive, or no template to get both AP and EXP. (125)

-Ojotniks got a bump! Holy smokes, +3 from 8-32″???  MBO: Damn, pimp! Scouts are definitely gonna hit the table next game. I hated Ojotniks before now. An AP Sniper Rifle that is +3 from 8-16″, then drops to -3 immediately? -6 over 24″? WTF? (125)

-There’s a bunch of new pistol variants that shoot Normal, Shock, Breaker, Armor Piercing, yadda yadda… Same with rifles. (126-127)

-Sepsitor! Huge changes. First, only two uses per game. Second, it’s a direct large teardrop template. Yeah, large template Sepsitor. Sepsitor Plus gives unlimited uses. MBO: SinSynn’s tentacles are hard, leaking something, and it’s dissolving everything it touches. This usually only happens when Megan Fox signs autographs at ComicCon. Also worth noting is that it has Intuitive Attacks, letting you use it like a mind-controlling flamethrower to flush out camo markers. (129)

-Shotguns are +6 up to 8″. Like all templatw weapons they negate partial cover armor. ‘Nuff said. No more whining about “shotgun tax”.

-Sniper rifles are +3 from 16-32″. There’s a plasma sniper rifle now, sounds scary. Sniper rifle with small teardrop template and Plasma ammunition? Yes, that’s scary. MBO: Antipodes can’t have Assault but this thing exists? Lame. (130)

-Spitfires are still a solid choice but not amazing. YMMV. (132)

-Supressive Fire Mode is now it’s own weapon entry…? B3, use your weapon’s original stats, but the Supressive Fire Mode range band of 0-16″ at 0 MOD, -3 for 16-24″. MBO: I’m afraid to look and see if B3 missile launchers in the reactive turn are now possible. (132)

-Deactivators are given to Engineers. Works kinda like before, but it’s a BS attack now. +3 to 16″, -6 16-24″. MBO: Very interesting…lot’s of potential if I keep running 3+ Engineers in my list. (135)
-Deflector: Like a shield against enemy Hacking. -3 MOD in your favor (-6 for the plussed-up version). Protects the bearer and anyone else in their Fire Team. (135)
-ECM cancels the +6 for guided, Advanced ECM has a plussed-up effect of -3 MOD to enemy guided attacks. (136)
-Medikit also gets a BS mode. +3 up to 8″, 0 for 8-16″, 16-24″ is at -6. Regular BS MODs apply, too. MBO: I like this, nobody runs medics because it’s just not order efficient to heal dudes. Nobody but me, that is! Now it’s even easier. Jump on my bandwagon, guys. Plenty of room.  (139) 

-Sniffer: Like a repeater for Sensor. MBO: Huh? (141)

-TinBot: A marker that carrries a Deflector. MBO: Good for you. I wish you luck stopping my Cameronians’ hacking attempts. (141)


Retreat threshold is 25%. Retreat automatically causes Loss of Lieutenant. You can’t pick a new LT until Retreat is canceled somehow, sucka. Troops in Retreat can only do short move skills, or similar stuff like change facing. You can spend Command Tokens to cancel retreat effects on models. No Impetuous movement. Models that retreat off the board DO NOT count as victory points to the enemy (or, as the rules actually say, “can be counted as victory points by their owner”). MBO: Everyone complained that Loss of Lieutenant was too punishing, so it got nerfed and now Retreat is the thing to avoid. It’s the Circle of Life, Simba.  (143-144)

-You can also play Sudden Death, Scenarios, or Timed. MBO: Duh. (144)


-Strategic Command Tokens: Each player starts with four Command Tokens. If you’re taking second active turn you can use them for Strategic Use, which only can be done in the first turn of the first game round. You can spend one to do either of the following things, should you choose: Prevent the use of two enemy orders for that first turn, or prevent the enemy from using more than one Command Token during that first turn. MBO: So it kinda makes up for going second. Okay, got it. (147)
-Tactical Command Tokens: Once you’re done with Strategic Shenanigans  you can do things like: Move a troop to another Combat Group (max 10 applies), cancel Possesed status of one of your dudes, declare a Coordinated Order, auto-pass or -fail a Guts Check, turn an Irregular Order into a Regular one for a turn, cancel Retreat on a dude for the rest of the game, reroll a failed Doctor skill if the patient has a cube, reroll a failed Engineer test if the patient has Ghost. You can use as many Command Tokens as you want in a turn, repeating the same thing if you want to. MBO: I haven’t fully digested this, yet, but there’s a lot of potential here. (147-149)
Nothing got as much of an overhaul as hacking did. You should know that in all the games I’ve ever played I ran an Intel/SpecOps hacker, once, and it died, quickly. None of my usual stuff was hackable until now. I may not be the best person to give you the lowdown on this, but then again maybe my lack of knowing anything before now makes me uniquely qualified? I’ve heard crazier things. My local Nomad and Aleph players are still puzzling over it all so I’m gonna pick their brains and see what they think. IOU, but in the meantime just know that Infinity has taken the “hackers as mages” concept and added to it. A lot. Whereas before all Hackers were pretty much the same (except Isobel McGregor, the freak Ariadna Hacker)  they now have different “spellbooks” with flavors of spells called programs, which go up to three possible levels: CLAW (control), SWORD (attack), SHIELD (defense), GADGET (utility), and UPGRADE (for upgrading…) which are usable by different flavors of hackers. Flavors are determined by equipment. There is the familiar vanilla Hacking Device and the Hacking Device Plus, and that recent addition the Defensive Hacking Device. A counterpart to the defensive one has shown up called the Assault Hacking Device. Combined Army Hackers get extra “spells” just for them, determined by equipment. All hacking devices unlock remotes. Presumably not having a hacker means you can’t run remotes, but honestly I haven’t cross-referenced that. Because Ariadna. Interestingly, Hackers can not only use their own Repeaters but also enemy Repeaters they’re within range of, although  it is more difficult…and they’ll probably get their brains fried by all the AROs. (150-161)

Hacking Device: CLAW level 1, SWORD level 1, SHIELD level 1, all GADGET levels. Combined gets the Sucker Punch hacking attack.

Hacking Device Plus: CLAW-2, SWORD-1, SHIELD-2, all GADGET. Combined gets Cyber Mask, Sucker Punch, and White Noise.

Defensive Hacking Device: SHIELD-3, GADGET-1. Allows use of Firewalls, which debuff hacking attacks against them. Combined gets nothing extra for this one.

Assault Hacking Device: CLAW-3. Combined gets the Stop! hacking attack.

CLAW programs do things like force TAG pilots out of the TAG (lulz!) and freeze Heavy Infantry in place. SHIELD does things like re-control a possesed TAG or send a guided missile off course. SWORD can do direct damage to enemy Hackers or…actually, that’s the only SWORD program. GADGET has a lot of buffs or interaction with scenery like unlocking doors. UPGRADE has nifty stuff like White Noise (drops a White Noise template wholly within Hacker’s zone of control) and Cybermask, which turns the Hacker into an Impersonation-2 marker. Pretty cool stuff all around, since my wife runs Nomads and I’m expanding into Combined Army and Aleph I think I’ll have some fun with these soon. Playtesting to follow!


-Saturation Zones subtract Burst from shooting through them. -B1 for regular, -B2 for high saturation. (164)
-White Noise Zones are like Zero Vis for MSVs and only MSVs. (165)
-Plenty of tables with suggestions for terrain. My favorite is “Energy Core Room” being Low Vis + White Noise. You can practically feel the radiation. (167)
-Even more stats for buildings! Apparently we get to shoot the shit out of buildings now. (170)
-There’s some goofy rules for using Lifts and Hoists, and having your little dudes fight each other about it. (172)
-Dropships have standardized templates available for photocopying from the rulebook. Total Cover while you’re inside them, and if the scenario allows you can Combat Jump them bad muthas onto the table and deploy out of it. Wicked. 
-Four ready-made scenarios, just add water: Annihilation (kill shit), The Armory (steal shit), Supremacy (control shit), Nimbus Zone (turn off shit).  These seem familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…hmmmmm…. (188-197)
The rest of the book is army lists, indexes, and quick reference sheets (10 pages of “quick” reference sheets…)
*          *          *
Okay, that’s it except for hacking. That one’s gonna take some time. Let’s not talk about the hacking.  

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