[Surprise Attack!] Leaving the Nest

Worthy Foes!

It’s been a busy month, but there was time for nerdery. Always got time for that.

Banks’ ridiculously huge order of Tohaa came in just as we concurred that, since up until now he had only played introductory games with open lists, he had yet to experience the full flavor of Infinity.

He had only one thing to say to this:

Truth be told, I still hadn’t played much of 3rd Edition and was keen to actually roll some dice instead of reading the rulebook and blathering on like I knew anything. Banks and Chef look to me for rules questions, and if they had any idea how unsure I was of my answers they would scoff and throw their dice at me. Time to fix that.

Banks picks out 300 points of Tohaa all by himself like a grownup, I take my Combined Army for a test drive. Last year was all about the Ariadna, but the way I played them before feels different in 3rd Edition so if I’m going to learn a new army all over again I may as well make it a, ya know, new army.

Besides, I need to justify my purchases somehow.

Banks charges my LT Skiavoros with a Kotail fast-mover. It was not a wise decision, although he does drop my Umbra hacker, who is not living up to his badass reputation.

Overview of the battlefield from my end. We’re using the old Warsenal suppresion firemarkers to represent 3rd edition supression, we just place them next to the firer now.

My Speculo Killer infiltrates and gets up to shenanigans, but his Makaul torches her with his heavy flamethrower. Her automedikit saves her over and over again, much to his annoyance.

Banks discovers his love of smoke and coordinated orders. Apparently he’s been reading the rulebook every night because he pulls some shady, but legal, bullshit where he runs out of regular orders for the guy he wants to move up so he uses a regular order from his other combat group to make a coordinated order for him and uses his flamethrower in an intuitive attack through the smoke, while the rest of the guys in the coordinated order go ‘idle’ since they can’t do the same. Sneaky fucker.

One of his linked Makauls takes aim and needs 12s to hit.
He doesn’t get it off.

MVP of the game, my total-reaction heavy-machinegun Q-Drone scowls from a roof and dares anyone to test his gangsta. Slave Drobe medic hangs out behind him just in case somone does.

Skiavoros caught in the act of spesitorizing one of Banks’ Makauls. Yes, I own him now. Deal with it.

Banks deals with it by killing Skiavoros and running amok with the last guys he has in the area.

They try and take down Speculo but she’s too cold-hearted to go out like that. I like her style.

Banks is on the ropes and slowly pulls back into a corner of his deployment zone, ending his turn by dropping suppression fire on several guys with a command token. I don’t like how smart he’s getting. How am I supposed to club baby seals if they actually know how to play the game? This will not stand!

My turn, and my forces of darkness assemble on the roofs, cautiously making their way forwards to where Banks has castled up. The end is nigh.

Banks juggles smoke grenades and suppresive fire to make me pay with alien ichor for every step forward, but it does him no good. He loses the last guy keeping him from going into retreat, and we call game.

A pretty good game by him, especially for his first time spreading his wings, and he’s pleased with the troops he picked up.

That’s what it’s all about, right?

Time for my wife to give his some advice on what it means to be a Wargaming Widow.


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