[Surprise Attack!] Live From NOVA, Friday

Howdy, howdy. No big tour today, just straight gaming in the 300pt YAMS tournament. My first time trying YAMS, much as it shames me to admit it, but the learning curve was short and I had a lot of fun. 
Half the hilarity was that of the four games, two were against guys I already knew. First was a new one, Sean, on the crazy catwalk table. He ran a vicious Hassassin double Fiday list that stacked with a Lasiq viral sniper, and a link team with three heavy missile launchers. Ouch. 

It was going reasonably well, up until the point where I stacked my LT, Antipode Controller, Medic, and a random Kazak ducks in a row behind a wall and let his Fiday come up and hit them all with one shotgun template. Facepalm…

Tankhunter tries to get payback for them, but it’s too late and he misses over and over again. Just one of those games.

It was a tight game but after being crippled by loss of lieutenant I go into retreat and we realize that since I have to make for the exit from my board edge, alllllllll of my remaining troops (which are on elevated positions on the catwalk) have to run towards the center platform and make their way down the stairs to exit on ground level. Not that they’ll ever make that kind of run, they just get murderated trying for it. An Irmandinho lives, which is shocking enough by itself, and a Volunteer. That’s it. I get chewed up bad and he bags a ton of kill points, but at least it was a close game on objectives. I’ll cry myself to sleep later, but not too much. Just a trickle.

Next one is a lot more fun. I went up against Martin, who I’d played a very similar game against a few months ago, except I got his name wrong last time and called him Tim. Because I’m dumb. Sorry, man, I get a little blurry at the end of tourneys. I owe you beer. What’s really important is that I was glad to pair up with him again.

Anyways, great game against a great guy, and we had a blast. Just like last time we had rooftop sniping over a cityscape, which ended up nullifying both our heavy hitters because we were little bitches and didn’t want them to die. My totally-not-Tankhunters camo markers and medical support sat on the roof, bored, and his link team stayed in his center building, unwilling to give up points. The entire game revolved around our cheap minions, who so seldom get a chance to shine. Shine they did, squabbling and snarling in little storms all over the board. Tons of fun, he got my top marks for sportsman and the visually appealing Tiki Table ended up being awesome. Time for lunch, and my old army buddy Sabot shows up from Baltimore to check out the action.

Antipodes take the fight to his link team and stack on the door to breach and clear. Too bad I forgot about the cheerleader with shotgun around the corner. Shotguns are usually worthless but really pissing me off today, and the Antipodes go down without doing anything but killing a random minion and looking scary. Sigh.

After lunch is a game against Todd. Technically, we’ve never played before but him and Dfleetw travel from Charlotte to Raleigh for ITS there, where our paths cross. We played on Todd’s gorgeous scratch-built board that he brought out. Interesting to play on, too, in that none of the elevated positions had any sort of cover. At best there was a couple slight corners to hug, which gave me a frowny face at first but ended up being a tactically interesting match that I really enjoyed. Books and their covers.

Yeah, Todd’s running two TAGs. I take all those nice things back, he’s actually a big smelly jerk-face.

Well fuck them! Antipodes swarm the Iguana, but big smelly jerk-face rolls his armor saves and gets TWO 20s! Come on, man. Just die. For serious.

Todd smokes my missile launcher that was putting a hurting on his Scarface TAG, so rookie medic runs up and finishes him off for Todd. TREASON!

Seriously, is she ever going to not kill her own guys in a game?

Just for kicks, he drops a couple Yuan-Yuans into my deployment zone. “Gurk!”, and I think I actually made that sound out loud. Pretty sure I ended up winning on objective points, but he made me work for it like a five dollar hooker. A close runner-up for best match of the day, I literally flipped a coin to decide between him and Martin for favorite player when it came time to turn in score sheets at the end of it all. We’d shot the shit a lot at the Raleigh tourneys, so it was great to finally get a game in. Might I add he’s also a hell of a woodworker, he made all that terrain out of single piece wood blocks in his shop. It’s kind of hard to tell from far away but they’re all perfectly uniform and have little details added everywhere. Durable and functional, ace work.

Final match up against John’s Knightly Order sectorial. Roughly mid-game my sleep-deprived brain crashed and wouldn’t reboot so about all I remember is that it was bloody, I fucking hate Sepulcher Knights, and running a ton of camo is as much as a pain in the ass for me as it is for my opponents. I screwed up bad and while playing the camo shell game with eight markers and accidently placed my Spetznaz decoy camo across the board from the Spetnaz, well outside the 8″ range it’s supposed to be. I don’t realize this until the final turn and felt like a dickhole, but John was a gentleman and took it in stride. I wish I had more to say on this one because it was a tense match but, like I said, I was crashing hard and coffee was no longer effective.

I do remember that my double-or-nothing gamble on the “No Retreat” YAMS objective backfired, as he put me in Retreat, I healed my way out of it, then went into it again on the last turn. Dang it.

Whatevs, time for a nap. Sabot and I hit up some dinner and crash out at the hotel. Tomorrow is 400pts of ITS. It’s not radically different from my 300pt YAMS list and likely won’t surprise any of the other players, but I’m not out for blood. I pester Certs for a hint of the standings and he lets slip that I scored high in the paint contest and that I’m currently runner up for “Renaissance Man” (combination of VPs, painting, and sportsmanship), only missing out on that by using killpoints as a tiebreaker…maybe I need to rethink my 400pt list, roll my sleeves up, and get to killing shit.

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