[Surprise Attack!] Live From Nova: Pre-gaming Thursday

What is up, players. Boy do we have treats for you today. We got some leaks, some shitty photos, some more leaks, some more shitty photos. It’s a one-two punch of awesome, over and over again. There’s even a chocolate fountain. Time is short and drinks are flowing, so it’s a quick hit-and-run from me today.

Trillion-player 40K Tourney? Count me out. 

A wall of original signed artwork for Infinity gets the nerd juices flowing as soon as I check in at the registration table and pick up my pass and swag bag. It’s going to be a good day.

This must be the place. Dedicated X-Wangers are already thrusters deep in some hunger games scenarios, I find out our room is right next to the seminar hall I’ll be spending most of today in. Word.

Terrain crew has been busy, check out Certs’ blog for more info on that.

Atlantis Comics from Norfolk is putting on the main display in the vendor booths. I used to play there when my wife was stationed nearby, they’re a good crew with a great store and they’ve informed me that since a recent move they have even more gaming space. Good to hear.

After check in I had a couple hours to kill so I went back to the room to peruse the swag haul.

Free (well, free-ish) shotglass? We will become good friends, you and I.

Holy shit. I don’t think this is out on the webs yet, so on the slight chance that I’m right about that…here’s the new Quick Start Rules for Operation: Icestorm. Booya! Have a taste of 3rd Edition.

I was under a ridiculous time crunch to get mega-table finished off in time for this. Normally I’d blame my deep love of procrastination, but this time I have a valid excuse for last-minute touches. How last minute? It was setup and ready to play on and I was still painting final details. Certs didn’t laugh too hard, bless his heart.

Three seminars from MisterJustin of Secret Weapon Miniatures. There aren’t many businesses I will shill for but this is one of them. Like I’ve said before, one day I’ll get off my ass and apply for their Frontliners program so they can pay me nothing to keep doing what I’d be doing anyways. It’s no secret I love these guys, so I had a nerdgasm sitting in on them. There weren’t too many attendees, so we clustered around and had an unbelievably intimate setting. This was good news for us, but people are really missing out on these. It was $15 to get in, maybe that turned folks off so let me put this in perspective: I can’t get a kid in my neighborhood to mow my fucking lawn for $15, and he sure as hell isn’t going to spend hours doing it. So, no, it’s not expensive. Definitely worth it. Do yourself a favor and check one out. Justin was a good sport and let me snap some photos, he just asked that I not take video (for the obvious reason). Foolish him, he didn’t ask to see a sample of my non-existant photography skills or he probably would have declined even that. I call that a win for me.

FYI there will be a new six-part tutorial series going up on the Secret Weapon site soon, so check up on it. They put out good shit, full stop.

 On break, Certs rocks his stylin’ TO jersey while putting together another bring-and-play terrain set from Greenman Designs. I got a chance to talk to the owner, cool dude and really into his products. Yes, that’s Gutier in the background admiring mega-table. He dug it, and having a creator of the game I was there for come over and talk to me about liking my work was one of many highs today. Another cool dude who’s super into this hobby, but the building was full of people like that. It was humbling. Big ups to everyone, before I forget. Today alone was worth the trip, and I haven’t even touched my dice or unpacked minis.

No glue needed, designed to be transported flat in a small box.

My current favorite from the Infinity bunch. What’s not to like about Tiki Table?
Back for another seminar. Justin walks us through composition, light, and color theory. 

Followed up with a hands-on application on his donated materials. Behold my masterpiece! I don’t blend a lot, so it’s a big day for me. I deserve a cookie.

 Justin has a look at minis we bring, and walks us through whatever techniques we want to try tonight. Literally anything, he was spitting out things I’ve never even heard of like “mapping”. Here he is giving my Cameronian some love while discovering my ability to capture anyone in mid-blink. Look at that, even he learned something new today.

Mapping at work: Strong semi-random base tones overlaid with translucent glazes, put out for a guy looking for a new technique to produce weathered bone. WTF!

I keep teasing, so time to put up or shut up: Remember that mega-table I wanted to have ready for this? Well, it happened. I was gunning for the “Best Table” award, but apparently Powered Play is putting out an award for best lighting effects. Haven’t seen any others do that, yet, so maybe I’ll pull it off, too. I’ll drink to that.

House is in da house!

You want more leaks? You got more leaks. Brand new Morat character, first time on display. It’s so new I’m not even sure what it’s called because it hasn’t even been announced yet. You know what I am sure of? Angel Giraldez’s work is even better in person.

New Tohaa figure, the renders came out at GenCon but here’s the real deal.

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Look, it’s 2:00AM and stiff Jack & Cokes have been going for $5 all day, so I’m going to leave you with this picture made of win. Buenos noches, more tomorrow.

Today was so friggin’ good that there’s only one song that can do it justice. We’re taking it so old school that mullets haven’t even been invented yet: Motherfuckin’ Budgie.

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