[Surprise Attack!] Road to NOVA Part III

Final test drive before NOVA is against Nemesis Bart, one of my local players.

Bart has declared himself to be my nemesis, I have no choice in the matter. He likes to send text messages like “you’re going down, son” the nights before we play. Which is fine, everyone needs one, and Bart’s Combined Army troops make a great grudge match for my Ariadnans. I have only myself to blame, since I taught him the game and have been trying to wean him off Warhammer Fantasy for a long time.

The trouble is our schedules rarely overlap, so when I got back home and we found out we had a mutual day of leisure the gloves came off and we threw down at his house while his roommate and friends watched/heckled.  It was dark in the corner we played in, so until  we wised up and brought a table lamp over I had to use a lot of flash on the camera phone. My apologies in advance, but not really, because I’m evil and evil never apologizes. On the plus side, we weren’t under any time constraints so I set up a table full of my industrial stuff and made sure to take lots of pictures. Yeah, it’s a pic heavy post so careful with your data plan if you’re on a mobile device. Also note that it was a 6×4, so we used some Warhammer terrain to delineate an edge and make it 4×4 (that chaos looking stuff on the left side).

Since we hadn’t seen each other in a couple months, and Bart had just gotten off work, we took some time to unwind and catch up on life or whatever, then after a few beers we were rowdy enough to throw down.

Cooooooooooooo-braaaaaaaaa! Attack!

I ran my NOVA list (duh). Bart takes an Avatar LT that’s half his friggin’ points, a Vector Operator with multi-spectral visor and heavy machinegun (asshole!),  an Intel/Spec Ops kitted to be a close-combat ninja, and a bunch of Morat paramedics to claim objectives. He hides the Avatar behind a rooftop tower and I do my fairly usual deployment: Rooftop heavy weapons with a medic, and fast movers all over the ground.

Cameronian moves up along cover while camo’d Antipodes tag along.

View from my left corner.

Irmandinho rushes for an objective, not that he has any choice about it.
A little smoke helps him run up and tag it to claim my first objective.

Chasseur gets seen across an open area by Bart’s Morat in the distance.

Spetznaz HMG pops out to take some camo’d attacks against the Avatar hiding in the distance, but no luck. 
Spetznaz and Tankhunter try it together but the Avatar’s heavy grenade launcher lands in the middle of them and drops the Tankhunter. Fortunately, the medic lives to bring him back. Not cool, guy! Not cool at all! Avatar’s gonna be a tough nut to crack. 

Cameronian hops, skips, and jumps up to the Avatar while tossing smoke like a paperboy. I have an idea: Save the orders I’d usually spend attacking now, and just leave him there as a ‘turret’ for Bart’s turn so he gets blasted for free by two templates every time he makes an order. Dirty, and it works. Sorta…

Bart sees my trick and tries to get rid of the werewolf with a Morat and clear the way for his Avatar, to no avail. 
He brings in a medic to patch up the wounded Morat and try again. 

Bart finally says “Fuck it” and uses the Avatar to blast the overwatching Cameronian at close range. One wound to the werewolf, but I forgot the Avatar has armor 10 and easily makes both saves against my templates. Dammit, didn’t think about that.  

He blasts the Cameronian again with the HMG and shrugs off my return fire. The Cameronian has one hit left before dying but makes ALL THREE SAVES.

Boo ya! That just happened, accept it. 

But his luck can’t hold out forever and Bart smears my werewolf turret. 

Avatar on the left building, my heavy weapons on the right. Somebody’s about to die.
Probably several somebodies.
Camo’d Antipodes cower in the alleyway, unsure of what to do next.

Chasseur drops a totally-not-a-mine to overwatch the objectives (orange circles), while another Irmandinho hovers nearby to drop smoke for her. 

He gets bored of being on standby for smoke grenade duty and his impetuous order forces him to make a play for the objective, but it does not end well for him. 

Bart takes advantage of his Ikadron’s double flamethrower to walk out and slam my Irmandinho caught in mid-run. 

Meanwhile, my heavy weapons and his Avatar continue their tête-à-tête.
Tankhunter and medic go down, but at least the Avatar is hurt and possesing a newfound caution. 

Spetznaz HMG grabs life by the balls and risks some more shots at Bart’s powerhouse lieutanant.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Antipodes are now free to make their appearance from behind the building my heavies were occopying and tear ass across the edge of Bart’s deployment zone. They try murderating the Vector Operator…

…Which they do. Cuz they’re awesome at that kind of thing. 

Spetznaz is freed up from Avatar-slaying duty and drops suppressive fire across Bart’s fiery Ikadron of doom and blocks off access to the center objective. 

Camoflaged Antipodes prowl the shipping containers, sniffing out his last remaining specialist Mormats.

Ikadron manages to move up and investigate an objective area.
Is that camo marker a mine? Is it one of my Chasseurs waiting to claim the objective?  

Definitely a mine. Ikadron goes down hard. 

Morat runs up to the objective placed on a Quonset hut rooftop, but the Spetznaz drops his now-useless suppressive fire and cuts him in half with his HMG. 

Bart’s Intel/Spec Ops tries for the center one and makes it past the Spetznaz. 

Yes, that’s also a mine. The I/SO makes a surprised face as she gets peppered with shrapnel. 

My I/SO moves up under covering fire from the Tankhunter, who’s a little nervous about being backed up by the rookie medic who killed him the week before. 

I/SO moves up on an objective, trying to stay out of line of sight of the Morat guarding the objective in Bart’s deployment zone… 

And succeeds. I edge him out for a win on objectives.


So ends my practice games for NOVA. I’m happy with the list. It feels like the right mix of shooty and swarmy, with enough specialists to claim ground in an ITS.

I’m back on the road for work, probably won’t be around much until NOVA. Expect a lot of pics from that, and full write up when the dust settles. See you in Virginia!

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