[Surprise Attack!] Tournament Prep

What is up, players!

Tomorrow sees a 200 point Y.A.M.S. tourney at my semi-local games store, but the twist is that it’s a doubles tournament: We will be randomly paired with another player for the duration of the day, making them cleverly disguised 400 vs 400 matches. One list has to last you the whole day, so choose wisely!

I’ve managed to trick talk Nemesis Bart into coming with me, so we got in a quick prep game at his place yesterday. Beer gets bought, table gets set, it’s time to get it on.

I go with some old favorites, but the low point cap forces me to cut some of my usual suspects. I take a Vet Kazak LT, since he is survivable as shit and punches hard with a heavy machine gun. A Tankhunter with armor-piercing HMG should give me some extra spank to send down-range: He’s camouflaged, and his AP HMG can fight it out with anything coming my way. A Doc to keep them alive, a couple cheap chain rifle Volunters to guard flanks/drop zones and provide orders, some Antipodes because of course I want Antipodes, and two nimble, minelaying Chasseurs to simultaneously camo infiltrate up the board and shut down corridors. It’s foolproof, nothing can stop me, although my Cameronian looks on sadly from my army bag. Sorry, buddy. Maybe next time.

Bart scratches his head over how to run a decent list with an expensive, elite force like the Combined Army that is throttled by a low point cap. He settles on three Morats with combi-rifles, one is his Lieutenant, a Daturazi Witch Soldier with explosive close combat weapon to smash me good, two infiltrating Shroudeds for the same reasons I take the Chasseurs (although points limit him to only one having minelayer), and a one-two punch of Speculo Killer and Ko Dali.

It’s on. I win the roll-off and take deployment. The crate objective lands a a few inches in from the left edge, the civvy lands a few inches in from the right. Inside the long corridor. Interesting, we will have to go indoors to claim it. Bart hids his flag in the middle of his Morats, mine goes tucked ina corner below my LT and Tankhunter. He’ll never find it there, ha-HA!

Our shared missions are Forward Base (be in base to base contact with a secret piece of terrain at end of game), Decimate (kill half the enemy), Hold (don’t be in retreat), and Collect (do a willpower check against a dead/unconscious enemy). Should be a bloody game!

My two secret ones are the oddly-named Catch The Pigeon (control the Civilian at end of game) and Infiltrate (have a model in enemy deployment zone at end of game). I reveal Pigeon to Bart in order to get double points if I pull it off.

Bart takes first turn and wisely moves his troops up under cover and avoids any sniping attempts by me. In my turn the Chasseur on the right moves up to grab the civilian and starts to run her back to my deployment zone. This’ll be an easy point, sucka.

In his next turn Bart walks his disguised Speculo Killer down the stairs and my Volunteer hiding under them gets a brief glimps at her, knocking her impersonation level down by one. Another succesful roll and she’ll be fully revealed.

But she gives exactly zero fucks about him and moves on towards my command group. The Doc sees her and passes his willpower check to bring her out of impersonation status, so Bart drops in Ko Dali. Ah shit, Ko Dali’s here. Yay. Nothing good comes from Ko Dali and Speculo running around in my rear.

Speculo takes a blast from the Volunteer on the stairs in order to get off a smoke grenade. She lives, and makes a rush for my command team and an imminent Lieutenant kill. NO!

But…what is this? She gets in base to base with my flag, instead, and makes a close combat attack. This steely assassin needs an unopposed 17 or less to destroy the helpless banner hanging limply in the wind.

So she rolls a 19 and also gets shot at by the three guys above her. Two of them miss, she survives the third. We all suck today. Slow clap.

She gets it on the next try, but the focus shifts to Ko Dali who moves into the smoke cloud and uses her multi-spectral visor to see through the haze. Volunteer under the stairs gets shredded by Burst 5 twin asault pistols.

She moves into the corridor where my Chasseur is escaping down the hallway with the Civilian in tow. Thankfully, Bart is out of orders and it’s time for payback.

Starting with Antipodes! Always a wise choice for a revenge kill, the Antipodes bound over the crane and tear into Speculo. Fuck you, lady.

Kind of a redundant picture, but very cinematic. Join the Ariadna Defense Forces and you can be this cool!

Vet Kazak LT gets some skin in the game and moves up to the bridge to trade shots with Morats. They start to drop, but none are Bart’s LT.  It’s also the end of my turn.

Ko Dali activates and blasts the panicked Chasseur with a stream of lead from her automatic pistols. To add insult to injury she kneels to pull some intel from his body and Bart gets a point. Damn it, I just lost my double-value Civvy objective and won’t be able to get it back in time.

Or can I? In my turn the Antipodes burst into the corridor and streak at Ko Dali. She somehow nails her rolls and kills two of them, but the third tears her heart out and collects a piece of intel from her corpse, giving me a point that can’t be taken away.

Bart plays peek-a-boo with a Morat hiding behind a wall and launches more shots at my LT.

Seeing a better angle on my LT, Bart ditches the Morat and pops out a Shrouded to snipe at me from a nearby rooftop.

LT loses his last wound and goes down hard. I’m now in loss of Lieutenant and Retreat. Game over.

 Bart reveals his two hidden objectives: Both involve variations of destroying my flag. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? This guy, I swear. Fuck. Or, in the immortal words of GMort: Fuckity fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck.

Bart has both his hidden objectives, and all four of the shared ones. I get my one Collect point, making the final tally 6-1. Ouch. I hear a growl of “I told you so” from the Cameronian watching from my army bag. Shut it, puppy.

Good game, very vicious. I’m not used to playing with so few orders (“merely” eight) pr troops and it showed. I’ll need to be more judicious with my expenditures tomorrow. I’m also going to make some changes, probably drop the Vet Kazak HMG down to a rifle and use the leftover points to change out a Chasseur for a Spetznaz with HMG.

In vaguely related news, Certs gave me a heads up that I won an award for terrain from NOVA but because I had to skip out before the end of event awards ceremony they mailed it to me, instead. That showed up this week.

Hmmmmm…what to do with this Raicho? Hmmmmmm….

It wasn’t all great news, today: Bart bummed me out by informing me he’s moving to Texas for work and, since I’ll be out of town soon up until Christmas, the doubles tournament will likely be the last game time we have together. Shitty.

He’s also the only regular Infinity player in my town. I have a few prospects I’m developing/hustling/bribing, but for now it looks like I’m the last of my kind in these parts.

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