[Surprise Attack!] Verdigris With Weathering Powders

Hey guys, just got a quick one for you as things get back to normal in my neck of the woods. “Normal” being two small kids and a 60 hour work week, but hey it’s better than cleaning up puke in bar bathrooms. Never again! To be honest, I probably wrote this weeks ago. I cooked up a bunch of shit and passed it off to Der Laubissar (Don’t turn around, oh oh!) to peruse and disseminate while I handle day to day life over in my little world.

If you’ve never heard the proper name before, this is “Verdigris” AKA “That Gross Green Kind Of Rusty Shit That Grows On Old Statues”.

As you can see, it’s probably kind of a bitch to do with brushes. Fuck that. Or so I thought, I actually found an excellent tutorial on how to do just that HERE, but it wasn’t quite the effect I was looking for, which was more like this below. I didn’t want “Ancient Statue” I wanted “Moldering Weapons of Obviously Unspeakable Power”. I could probably bash in at least 30% more elf heads if my Kroxigors had great weapons that looked like that. Maybe 40%!

Back in the heady days of 2010 I wanted to do this effect on my WHFB Lizardmen as I used a lot of non-ferrous metals on them. Coppers, golds, and whatnot. Oh, if I only knew then how much donkey dick Fantasy Battle was about to inhale with the coming edition change I was so excited for, and how little action my redux troopies would get after 8th Edition hit (Hint: Fuck all). Anyways, they were already painted, I just had to find a way to make it work, and this new company called Secret Weapon Something-or-Other was putting out something that looked like it would do the trick. I picked up the aforementioned “Greens” pack and gave it a whirl.

According to internet wisdom, I was supposed to use a shitty brush and some rubbing alcohol, which I did. Generally speaking, you brush the rubbing alcohol where you want a “stain” effect, then you can use the brush to transfer the powders there before the alcohol dries. More powder and less alcohol gives a kind of paste effect, and you can dry brush raw powder on but that’s not something I did here. You can even mix a paste in a small dish and transfer it onto the figure.

Once it all dries you’ll need to lightly hit it with some dullcote. Too much air pressure and it will even blow off some of that hard-won powdering. I’ve noticed that the dullcote will lightly degrade the weathering effect so I’m not too happy with it, but Secret Weapon just re-released (and next they’ll re-re-release!) their pigment fixative, which I am eyeballing intently. More to follow.

Just like with Tink-Tink I took some pics for myself after it was done, but sadly not enough to give you a proper How-To. Mea Motherluvvin’ Culpa, but I least I was able to find them on my hard drive.

The original weapon was Vallejo Copper hit with a heavy brown wash, then drybrushed a brighter copper before being attacked with the powders. “Faded Green” makes the best all-around color, and then I hit certain spots with the others for accent. “Sewage Muck” AKA “WTF Green” is probably the least useful, but has its moments. Use that one sparingly, but get all up in the business of “Faded Blue” when it comes time to highlighting. The Power is definitely looking Unspeakable, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I actually got a little carried away, I was having so much damn fun. I just wanted a few minor touches here and there but ended up coating layer after layer to give bits that truly ancient look. I probably spent a half hour or so fucking around and cackling. Actual work involved…five minutes? It’s a very quick process. First time playing with these, but I liked it. Judge for yourself, I suppose.

Here’s the Ancient Stegadon with a little bit added to it’s Engine of Kick Your Ass…man, I loved that thing. Almost as much as Poor Li’l Tink-Tink. By the way, if anyone out there wants to buy a massive and well-painted Lizardmen army during all the exciting hoopla of their new release, hit me up.

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