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[Dredging the Grimdark] Ordo Chronos

Wow, my first post on House of Paincakes. Exciting stuff! Little about myself, I’m Corsair Joe (aka Joe) and I am the author of Corsair Radio (you can check it out here). My focus as a gamer has always been...


Porky’s Wild Bore – TTG phone home?

Porky here, phoning House from a kind of sample return mission, into and out of the blogrolls. There’s a lot going on in there, and it’s been a wild few weeks for the worlds of GW especially. The End Times,...


Porky’s Wild Bore – L-space, a final frontier?

Porky’s shed panel, Discdate Om knows. These are the ongoing riffs off the week in the House blogrolls… Attention all hands. On screen: first some well-painted historical miniatures from FireForge, which BrendonW posted at The Gamer’s Table last week. Look...