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Monday Madness- Help for Heroes and MORE

We truly are International here at House of Paincakes… just check out our new members! The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry Meadow :  Warhammer 40k, Astra Militarum, Battle Report, Knight Commander Pask, Abaddon, Failbaddon, FIGHTAN The odd name for my blog is actually...

Monday Madness 5 – Giveaway, New Member, Heifer Heist 0

Monday Madness 5 – Giveaway, New Member, Heifer Heist

A giveaway!  Please pester him and sign up for his giveaway! A New Member! His email handle has “tequila” in it. He’s in! Heifer Heist  An adorable game wherein you are an Alien Abducting Cows. Please check it out- and back it!


New Member Monday – 2 Members and a Contest

Hey folks, just a brief and, late, update on our new members before I need to get back to overseeing extended hours at the information mines. Cigar Box Battles Keywords: tabletop wargaming (all), role playing games (all), board games (all),...


New Year New Member Monday + Contest

Hey folks and welcome to a new year here at the House of Paincakes!  Now that the writing staff have made it past the holiday season and, presumably, survived – we should be slowly but surely getting back up to...


HoP Idol II Round 1 Voting is now LIVE!

It’s finally the time you’ve all been waiting for (don’t correct me if I’m wrong), the voting for the first round of this year’s HoP Idol II: The Quickening is now live,  You can see it over there on the...


Apply to HoP Idol Today!

The first applications for Season 1 of HoP Idol have started trickling in and man is there some good stuff to be read.  There is going to be some stiff competition in this contest, I can tell you that.  Don’t...


Become the first HoP Idol

As the HoP continues to grow- we’ve got over 300 Google followers, almost as many blogs on the network and a pretty damn active comments section- we’ve decided that the time is right to get some more authors on board. ...