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The Highest Power

Love. Faith. Family. Friendship. Money. Fame. Control. Influence. All of these are key types of power, but for me, they don’t hold a candle to the highest power I know. True power is service. (Pope Francis said that. He’s a...


Monday Madness- Super late edition

December is a month that has always been tough for me -work usually kicks my butt. This month is no different, unfortunately.   I’ve got some new additions! Hory Miniatures  Mini Man Painting  Varcan Cluster  Welcome, new denizens!  


Monday Madness- I Made it on Monday!!!!

I have a bunch of new members to add, and I managed to post this on a Monday! It’s a double treat, folks. I hope you are all well rested and ready for FallOut4, My son has already requested Wednesday...


Repository of Troubles

This list is mostly for myself, so that I have a central place to consider when issues come up.   Many of you have emailed me about various problems, or there are problems I know about and need to fix....


Back to Business -Topic Ideas and More

Ladies and gentlemen, my self created “vacation” is over. For the past few months, I have been well and truly occupied by outside factors and I have not been able or willing to put in the time and attention the...


New Member Monday – Continuing Additions

Hey folks, Loquacious here.   I know I’ve been sparse lately but I promise I still have a heavy purse and will wield it with impunity against any infraction here at the House. I have a couple things going on...


New Member Monday – Mondays Keep Coming

I would like to have a week without a Monday, once. It’d be nice. But since I keep having Mondays, I get to keep adding members to our blog Network. Baby Members like this one: smileyfaceharry’s Blog(s)


New Member Monday- Additions and Subtractions

hey folks! I know it’s Tuesday, but better late than never, right? We have three new blogs to add to the rolls this week, which is pretty schmancy. It’s also extremely impressive, given that our blog roll thingamabob is working...


New Razorbacks!

I saw these IN PLAY last night at my store. I have to say that this new design makes assembly and painting a snap.     I wish I had taken a picture of the entire table, as you can...


We Actually Care About Your Blog

Many of you lovely readers and authors have let me know that the Blog Network isn’t functioning properly. I am trying to fix this! In the mean time, I have added a link list and will be adding to it...


Loquacious’ Adventures in Minis, Part 3 -STUCK

It’s been a while since I talked to you about my misadventures in miniatures. I have successfully purchased, cleaned, assembled and primed the lovely Butcher (Kommander Zoktaviar, Butcher Unleashed). I showed you all the process, because what’s a hobby blog...


New Member Monday – Consequences of Change

Hey ladies and gentlemen, we have another new member. This guy commented on the new look, and it does seem that the changes we’ve made are helping things overall.  I like positive things!     Our new member can be...