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Meaningless mumbling: 2016 sucks.

Hey all, Haven’t felt like blogging in a long while and that’s cool. There’s a plethora of possible reasons and excuses of varying validity which I could use, but won’t bar the fact I don’t feel inspired or motivated anymore....


Unboxing Kindom Death: Monster

Death never looked so good. In 2013, a small boutique horror miniature company known for exotic and extreme miniatures presented a modest Kickstarter.  It ended with more than two million dollars in funding.  It grew exponentially in volume, bleeding over...


Porky’s Wild Bore- No Reassemble?

 Malfunctions. That’s more or less what it’s about this week. Failure. The failure by at least some producers some of the time to make things that can work for any given one of us specifically and reliably, or that work...