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The Ballbusch Review: Broken Legions

Today we’re looking at Broken Legions by Mark Latham, late of Games Workshop.  Mr. Latham is known for his efforts on behalf of GW’s Warhammer Historical imprint (RIP) and apparently did time as the editor of White Dwarf, but this...


The Ballbusch Review: Honours of War

Let us look back to a more civilized age.  When men wore wigs and kings consulted philosophers.  An age of reason, when warfare and conquest were the sport of kings.  


The Ballbusch Experience: Sourcing Miniatures

Recently our illustrious and merciful boss lady ‘suggested’ ‘gently’ that I could discuss the finer point of sourcing historical miniatures.  I know when I was starting out on that dark path, one stumbling block was figuring out what to buy...


The Ballbusch Experience: The Nature of Victory

You pal, mentor, and ball-room dance instructor, Cedric Ballbusch here again to give you your dose of semi-informed commentary while we await Thuloid’s next highly literate post, Seasons of the Spirit in a land of endless summer: themes of cyclical...


The Ballbusch Review: Lion Rampant

The Middle Ages are, in many respects, the definitive period in the development of Western civilization.  While often cast as an interregnum between the glory that was Rome and the brilliance of the Renaissance and later enlightenment, the thousand year...


The Ballbusch Review: Land of the Free

Let’s  have a look at Land of the Free, Osprey’s new wargame rules for the various conflicts in North America from the mid 18th century to the first years of the 19th.  In other words: the beginning of the French...


The Ballbusch Review: On the Seven Seas

Here are a set of rules for battles with and amongst pirates.  In and of itself piratical engagements are not going to play out any differently than any other 18th Century naval engagement, skirmish, or gang-fight as the case may...


The Ballbusch Review: Ga Pa

Ga Pa (literally ‘fall on!’ though a better translation is ‘charge!’) is a set of rules for “The Age of Marlborough” (as in John Churchill, Duke of), but really these are rules for the Great Northern War of 1700-21.  Little...


The Ballbusch Review: Ronin

Today we’re looking at Ronin, the game of 16th century samurai skirmish.  And you know what that means?  Romance!  Terror!  Katanas!  The best excuse for anime babes I’m ever going to have!  So, tighten the cords on your helmet and...