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Top X!

OK so I’ve dropped all pretense of weeklitude. Behold: a “sort of within a fortnight(ish) of the last one” Top X! There has been a lot of really great stuff on the rolls, and it was hard to choose. Especially...


Weekly Top X!

Hi everyone, beat ronin here again with a (sort of) weekly Top X! First up… I try to steer clear of spotlighting posts from the blogs of our own HoP writers, unless of course they really deserve it (and everyone...


Weekly Top X!

Well hello there, and welcome to another weekly Top-X, brought to you by my brand new laptop after my old one succumbed to a fatal wound caused by a mug of tea. This week I have a preponderance of Games...


Weekly Top-X!

Hi everyone, beat ronin here with a Top X. Really any time you look over our roll, there’s stuff that’s interesting and worth drawing attention to. So what you get at any given time in a Top X says a...


Weekly Top X – The Xiest X to X the X

Hey all!  Oak here with a weekly Top X that will truly blow your mind!  At least, my mind’s blown.  But that could be the summer beers and my back deck talking.


Top X: It’s All About the X

I remembered I had a Top X to do this week so you’re stuck with me instead of Lo filling in to cover my lazy butt.  I get the feeling she does that a lot around here – fill-in for...


Top X- I’m Not XPendable

Hey dudes and dudettes, It’s been a good long while since I did a Top X and I realized that it might come across to some of you that I’m slacking. Since the last place I worked at that thought...


Top X – Xtending Your Authority

Better late than never, buckle up for your bi-weekly dose of kick-ass in the House of Paincakes blogosphere. Unless you’re Lo — in which case you can run but you’ll just die tired. Do you want awesome?  Then click ye...


Weekly Top X: It’s Xtraordinary

Look, mom, my first Top X! This is my second article here. My first was the introduction to successful blogging – more of those to come soon. I threw my hat into the ring for the Top X because I...


[Top X] Xpulcation Edtion

Hello all! This is my inaugural post at the Paincakehaus.  (Oh god….This is it, I’ve made it to The Show!  Be cool…. be cooooool)…  Now to write something profound or be hit by a tonne of bricks… You never know...


[Top X] Something That Rhymes With X

What’s up! Time for some radness, so buckle up. First up is this week’s winner. Drumroll please… …and we have a tie! O-M-G, drama. First up is TJ. Good morning, Devil Dog. Tell us a bit about yourself. Dark Future...


[Top X] X-Cruciating

Wellllllllllp, I’m on the road again. Didn’t bring minis with me so I have nothing to do but browse blogs at night. I also ran an obstacle course at work last week where I bounced off an old telephone pole...


[Monthly Top X] X-culpation

What is up, Players? I’m on a short respite from a hectic bit of training out in the Arizona desert. It’s not just a literal desert, my hobby life has been a metaphorically barren wasteland. The original plan was a...