The Politically Incorrect Gamer: Adult Material

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Sorry I missed you guys last week. 
I ended up working a 6am to 6pm shift at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, repairing damage done by Hurricane Sandy…which is, apparently, a lot of what I’ll be doing for the next year or so.
I’m an electrician, by the way. I’ve mentioned that to you guys, right? Hey, a Xeno hasta earn a living – disintegrators ain’t free, y’know.

*A snazzy model like this one will cost ya a pretty penny*

So, yeah- apologies for not bein’ around.

Anywho, I’m about to write a post that’s kinda been stuck in my craw for a bit now, just rattling around. It’s been there long enough to become annoying, actually. As you all know, I’m not a big ‘planner’ when it comes to my posts; the post you’re about to read is the one I’m about to write.
Or, at least, I hope you’re going to read it. I’m sure this wandering introduction isn’t helping to sell the piece.

I’ll tell ya what, though- you should prolly read it, cuz I’m sure I’m about to spout something stupid.

*Brain protection recommended! You’ve been warned. The lawyers tell me that having said that, I’m good*

One of the things I find most amusing about Terrans is the way that they aspire to goodness, for the most part. I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way. I genuinely believe that, by and large, humans want to be…good. Nice. Friendly. Fair.
Righteous, even.

Pretty much every person on this globe would ‘like this world to be a better place,’ or whatever, and almost universally, they care…albeit in varying degrees, generally ranging from ‘meh,’ to ‘oh my god those poor people we’ve got to do something.’
Maybe I’m deliberately being naive because hey, I’d kinda like the world to be a better place, too. That way, when I declare my Xenos domination and subjugate it’s population, it’ll be that much more fun.

And, y’know…for the children. Think of the children.

Truthfully, though, ‘making the world a better place’ is a fine thing to aspire to. For sure there are a lot of things that need fixing- genuine evils to fight, injustices to be exposed, wrongs to right, etc.

*There’s lots of books on the subject*

The funny thing is, ‘making the world a better place’ seems to have a strange, trickle-down effect. The thing is, actually getting something accomplished in that regard is virtually impossible. Yup, those starving kids in wherever-they’re-from desperately need help, that dictator over in whatever-horrific-country is committing atrocities, and hostilities between us and them, these guys and those guys seem imminent.
When it comes right down to it, issues like those are just a wee bit beyond the capabilities of the average human to affect beyond throwing money at them, it seems. For less than the cost of a cup off coffee, apparently, some of these struggles can be…struggled against.
That’s what I’ve been led to believe, anyway, and I sorta start feeling guilty by the time I hit my third or fourth cup of hazelnut, light ‘n’ sweet, caffeine-filled goodness.

*So, if I give up a cup of coffee every day, I can help a Nike factory worker get healthcare?*

Beyond issues such as these, most first-world, western-culture societies seem to have some problems that need ironing out, as well. If you’re reading this, the standard of living where you are is pretty good, but all is not perfect- there’s a ton of political, economic and social nonsense that could use fixing.
Sigh. There really is.

*We start by hiring assassins*

Life’s full of negativity, of that there is no doubt. When push comes to shove, however, I’m not ashamed to admit that, deep down, I have faith in humanity to do the right thing, or at least desire to. I understand that things can’t always work out with a Hollywood ending, but mankind will at least aspire to make it so, I believe.
And so, we do our best to ‘scale’ our approach, and maybe focus on the things we can affect, from making the world a better place, to making our nations better places, our states or counties or neighborhoods. ‘Making the world a better place’ trickles down…

…Until one day, someone says that this is a problem:

*It IS like the strangest pose I’ve ever seen on a model, I’ll say that*

…Or this is a problem:

*I’m not a big fan of historicals either*

…Or this is a problem:

*Aaaack! There’s a spider on your neck! Don’t- awww, you moved*

One of the reasons I write ‘Politically Incorrect Gamer’ posts is because I am a politically incorrect gamer. I’m all about the dumb stereotypes, absurdly sexist models and over-the-top violence that our hobby contains. That’s why I’m here.

If I had to raise one concern in regards to dumb stereotypes, absurdly sexist models and over-the-top violence in our hobby it would be that some of this stuffs can rightfully be considered ‘adult material.’ There’s simply no other way to put it.
As far as I’ve seen, none of the companies making these models, or the websites displaying these images, is representing it as such. Dumb stereotypes can generally be played off, but naked sword-wielding maidens and blood-splattered hyper-violence artwork are what they are- adult material. For whatever reason (one I’ll certainly never understand), naked women are more of a taboo than the violence is, and our hobby has plenty of both, yet never seems to associate itself with the word ‘adult,’ does it?
That attitude seems to extend to pretty much all sci-fi and fantasy miniatures gaming- these are toys, or whatever.

Look, I’m a perfectly reasonable politically incorrect Xeno and all, but looking at the lineup of scantily clad female Bane Lords models, I really can’t justify calling them ‘toys.’

*I’m not sayin’ I don’t like it, I’m just sayin.’*

I think it’s all fine and good to have ‘adult level’ subject matter represented in miniatures gaming and collecting, but I really, kinda, sorta think it should be labeled as such. I actually find it curious that the miniatures side of the hobby kinda gets a pass on this stuff.

*Orks are pretty squishy*

I want my sci-fi and fantasy miniatures games to be filled with dumb stereotypes, absurdly sexist models and over-the-top violence. I do.
And I’m not tryin’ to ‘make the world a better place,’ or be one of ‘those people,’ or whatever.

I mean, I’m absolutely sure that those Bane Legion models are absolutely necessary for…sumpthin,’ right?

Until next time, folks- Exit with catchphrase!


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