[The Von Report] A Week Without Gameplay

So, term has started and the new Cycling Agenda is in full swing and the long and the short of it is that I can juuuust about make it to the club for 7 p/m – provided you don’t mind your Vons stinking of sweat and Berkshire cycle tracks. Now, I don’t want to be That Guy, and the Northern Line was all kinds of gremlined last week anyway, so I abandoned ship and went home for a good wash.

On top of that, my home Internet’s been down for a week now, and this has meant a) I haven’t been able to blog unless there are a few quiet moments at work, like these moments right here, and b) I haven’t been able to play WoW and have had to find more productive uses for my time.

Productive Use #1 – Prime ALL the things! 

Everything has now had the necessary slathering of black gesso, barring a few limbs on the Crypteks and the Overlord which have been swapped around during the week.

Productive Use #2 – Paint some Troops!

I’m vaguely dissatisfied with the Ghost Ark and I’m not sure why. It’s better now that it’s had a spot of ink on the green glowy bits. I think the lack of guns may be to blame; see, I subscribe very strongly to the “make the scary bits look bright and the rest of it can be dark and minimalist” school of painting, and not having the guns on the Ark means there are no lurid green shooty bits to draw the eye. I may have to work out some alternative means of transporting the thing and stick the guns back on. I do wish that whoever sculpted the Necron vehicles had considered the prospect that people might like to put them in figure cases and perhaps move around the place with them.

Productive Use #3 – Build Crypteks!

This happy chap is the fifth member of the Cryptek five-a-side team. It’s a Harbinger of Despair, which I want to bolt onto the Royal Court for a while, until I get the Deathmarks shoehorned into a list.

I’ve also tweaked one of the existing models; the one with the extended carapace and the staff up in the air is now a Harbinger of the Storm, which will be riding shotgun in the first Night Scythe I acquire down the line when I can justify buying flyers. It’ll be further differentiated by its colour-scheme when I get around to painting them up, too.

Productive Use #4 – Write up the army list!

With this came the somewhat unfortunate discovery that I was actually 6 points over the limit during the first week (I will accept admonitory tuttings on Thursday night), so the revised (and legal) 600 pointer looks a bit like this:

Vargard Koschei
Necron Overlord
sempiternal weave
Catacomb Command Barge
Royal Court
3 Harbingers of Destruction
1 Harbinger of the Storm
6 Necron Warriors
Ghost Ark
6 Necron Warriors

Not bad for a week where I didn’t actually get any gaming done, eh what?

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