Throwback Thursday [Top X] X-calation of Force

A lil’ Throwback  from a post that got lost in the draft file. Enjoy some of BC’s ramblings!

What is this???

I get snowed in for a few days and, like, a billion dudes show up and start writing stuff? We are growing, Worthy Foes. Growing every day. We’re like the damn Chinese army up in here.

Let’s celebrate with a little of the good stuff. No, not that good stuff. That was for when I was home from the cold.

Unremembered Legion tried to get me to break my vow not let them get a fourth Top X in a row. They tried really hard but I stood strong. Yessir.

The Man Cave – Awesome Man Cave: Ermagerd. Wants.

The Artist of War – Imperial Knight Titan Cockpit: YES. More stuff like this. How did you know I have a soft spot for scratchbuilt cockpits? Tell no one.

Almost Peftec – On Display: Rackham Dwarve – Canny: Zab crushed this. Just fucking crushed it. Look at those goggles! Attaboy.

Feed Your Nerd – The Battles of Las Vegas Open Part 2 (Even More Photos!): Field correspondent Greggles reports in with a massive photodump. Can’t be there yourself? This is the next best thing.

Paradozon’s Wargaming Blog – Milestone reached: 60.000 hits: Go give him a high five, he just had a berfday.

Watching Paint Dry – Harlequin Progress: Dayum! Lookit that freehand work.

Dr. Willett’s Workshop – Marauder of the Apocalypse: A great kitbash and prime example of a sum being greater than it’s parts.

40K Hobby Blog – Macharius Heavy Tank: This is just…it’s just…it’s just Stiening. That’s what it is. He’s an adjective, now.

Well that’s this week’s finalists. Zab, Stiening, you two must fight to the death to determine who the winner is. You may begin.

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