Top X- I’m Not XPendable

Hey dudes and dudettes,

It’s been a good long while since I did a Top X and I realized that it might come across to some of you that I’m slacking. Since the last place I worked at that thought I was a slacker canned me, I don’t want to appear not to be doing my share!

Back to work, then!

I don’t really have a theme. This Top X is just a bunch of stuff that looked cool to me and that I wanted to feature for our readers to check out. Let’s get to it!

Firstly, I am a roleplayer, so I like to check out roleplaying stuff. So when I saw that Tyler at  TheGeneral’s Tent was going to run a Numenera game on Saturday, I was interested. Even with it being on International Table Top Day; I am all for new adventures. I know that Numenera has taken the RPG world by storm, and I am glad for something that’s NOT Pathfinder or D&D.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play this game yet, so someone needs to drive to Canada and check this out for me.

Next up, one of the coolest, most interesting and absolutely DOABLE ideas I have seen in a long time. I will completely admit that I am going to steal this concept and use it as much as possible in the future. Ian at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher shows off his painting scrapbook and I keep wondering why *I* didn’t think of that!

I love everything about this idea. I will probably use something like this for much of my creative process because it is so in tune with my visual mind. I love the different ways I can make this my own, too.

In deference to the patriarch of our corners and his newest ratling, I found this lovely Skaven monstrosity/creation over at The Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog.  To say this is beautiful is a serious understatement.

The entire blog is full of amazing and painstakingly done work and I am seriously jealous. Especially his breathtaking Black Templars Army. (This guy is why I don’t want to paint my Brothers- they will NEVER look as good as his!)

But the guy isn’t on our network! I found his blog through a link on another member’s site. We all need to harass Rob until he capitulates and joins!

Yet another guy I found through a member’s blog- following links is FUN! This is a guy that has a simple but profound aesthetic, and I like it. Eclectic Gentleman. I mean, really- he knows what his thing is and isn’t afraid of it. I approve.

In this particular instance, he is talking about and reviewing some terrain pieces. I have a couple of friends who are nuts about terrain, and I find myself looking at buildings or roads just as much as I do the little dudes fighting over them.

Pretty fancy! 

Please let Pulp Citizen know the House wants him on the Network!

Colored Dust has a look at some really interesting scenery and terrain items too. The one I am particularly taken with is the Flexxway basing kit material. I see so many possibilities with this stuff, and it seems super fun. I like the actual hands on approach ARBAL takes with the stuff, too.

He has his image menu turned off, so I couldn’t direct link to his review photos. You should check out his site and see it for yourself.

Next, a look at what happens when you sell something. It’s kind of akin to Von’s Frugal Gaming approach, where selling a thing can help fund a new purchase- only this is a LOT OF STUFF! Kushial at Lions of Harlech is pretty adept at spending well and getting loot he is happy with.

There’s a lot more, too!

I found a little something for my buddy SinSynn, too. After the big blowup this week, I figured I should show him I DO listen. CJ at Into the Void has a short, but effective review of a book that gives me a reason to be interested in the Black Library. (Although it IS an Eisenhorn book, blah.)

Lastly, a treatise from James about games and how companies think about them, tied into how people do that as well. The comment section is already full of HoP authors and their thoughts, but the approach and consideration given here are well worth the read.

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