[Top X] Something That Rhymes With X

What’s up! Time for some radness, so buckle up. First up is this week’s winner. Drumroll please…

…and we have a tie! O-M-G, drama.

First up is TJ. Good morning, Devil Dog. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Dark Future Games – Generosity and Community: TJ wraps his tale of heartbreaking loss by being shocked at the support he gets from total strangers. This is why we game, people. That, and all the pew-pew-pew.

The Unremembered Legion – Passing the Torch, Nostalgia, and 40K Family: Look here, guy-who-has-the-same-name-as-me, this is the third time in a row you’ve made the Top X and you need to knock this shit off. I was happy to do it the first time because you were working on a cool project. Then you had the audacity to actually stick with it and churn out more cool minis. But now you’ve gone and flipped the fucking paradigm by switching things up and penning a stream-of-consciousness that not only curses as much as I do, but accurately sums up how I’ve felt for the last decade. No more out of you, this is your last one! Begone!….and I remember White Dwarf 200, so “nyah”. 
So, who do you think won? Tough call, right? I know. It’s kept me up for days. 
Objective Secured – Dark Eldar Medusae Conversion: What the fuck is this? It’s hideous. It’s original. I love it. 
Lost In The Warp – P3 Grandmaster Diorama – “Contract Renegotiation” Part 4 Underpainting & how to make barrels etc: What he lacks in concise titles he makes up for in skill. This is off to a great start and, seriously, please don’t ever make me type something that long again. 

Colored Dust – Painting Viking Wooden Shield: Now this is how you write a title! This is also how you paint one hell of a shield, and it deserves to be ogled.

Wargaming Workshop – SAGA Warbands: Everything this guy does is pure gold, but here’s his latest. I HIGHLY encourage you to explore the rest of his site. Epic, Necromunda, Warmaster, Flames of War, DBA, Battle Fleet Gothic, 40K, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, etcetera and etcetera. He plays all of them. No, you don’t understand: He plays all of them. Every army. Even Squats. You want a great place to start? Click the ‘Gaming’ drop down menu then click on ‘Wargaming Room’. You’re welcome. He didn’t post much in 2014 and it broke my heart every time I visited and there wasn’t an update. He’s finally writing again, so please give him the encouragement he deserves by visiting and offering support. Do it for me. Do it for your old pal Bushy.

Elite 40,000 – Hobby: Setbacks and Motivation: First of all, only I may use full colons here. Second of all, since we’re on the subject of motivation [full colon] This guy could use some. Help him out. Today’s theme is community, so show some love to this wayward soul. He didn’t have any pictures of his malaise so I took one from the Google ads at the bottom of his site. Apparently, doctors used Amazon berries and this one crazy trick to banish belly fat forever. Sounds legit.

Edit: Fixed the broken link.

Until next time.


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