[Top X] X-Cruciating

Wellllllllllp, I’m on the road again. Didn’t bring minis with me so I have nothing to do but browse blogs at night.
I also ran an obstacle course at work last week where I bounced off an old telephone pole after a short fall…Hey, surprise: Broken rib! Nice. I’m fine, nothing to be done but chill out and wait for it to heal. So now I’m sitting around in my motel room with nothing to do, too. Sitting and bored.

You know what this means: Top X!

In no particluar order the winners are:

Admiral Drax – X-Wing Moonbase Painting Progress: The Drax is doing up a sweet bit of terrain, and something I’ve never seen anywhere. Everyone else is painting styrofoam to look like rocks so they can bounce their little ships off it, and this guy paints a big-ass real rock like a moonbase. So much win that he gets first place today. Here’s your generic novelty ribbon. I guess there was an order to these after all. I lie a lot, you should probably get used to it. He’s also eBaying stuff, including old school OOP Necromunda Adeptus Arbites, so have a look at that too.

Wargaming Tradecraft – Wargaming Tradecraft Asks For Your Help: There’s few things as distasteful as an incestuous relationship where a group of writers puts one of themselves in for Top Post, but this is different. Dave’s a highly skilled, well known, deeply dedicated hobbyist trying to reach as many people as possible…and that’s a beautiful thing. He didn’t ask anyone to pimp him and doesn’t know I wrote this, so don’t tell him about it or he’ll get all mushy and embarassed. If you click the video you get to see what his animal sexual magnetism looks like IRL…I don’t know about you, but I’d let him father my children. My genes are weak and tepid, especially the rib ones, his are strong and full of natural advantages. I want my children to live even if they have to come from another man. Do you want your children to live? Then click the link. Also: Free stuff!

The Unremembered Legion – The Great Work continues – with Terminators!: Remember this guy? He’s still insane.

Crits Kill People – HMGs in N3 – Dispelling the Myth of Uselessness: Penemue lays down a calm, rational discourse that flies in the face of GroupThink and makes tons of sense. I have a mental picture of him sitting at a desk by candlelight, smoking a pipe while surrounded by a library of leather-bound books. There may be a butler. Listen to his words. Penemue’s, not the butler. Although I’m sure the butler is smart, too.

Chronowraith’s Corner – Infinity List Resource: Light on content, huge on function. Chronowraith whips up some tables missing from the cheat-sheets. Saved, printed, used the same day he published. Thanks man. People like you drive our hobby.

The Green Horde – Across the Dead Earth – Time to dip your toes!: I love the look of this game, and here’s a tidy package *snicker* of everything you need to learn about it and dive in. Post-Apocalyptic Necromunda with cheap rules and minis? Yes please. Then there’s a 20% off coupon if you’re serious about getting in. What else do you need? Nothing, that’s what.

The Warlock’s Domain – [Misc Musings] Round Bases = The End of Times?: Holy shit that was a lot of symbols to type. Anyways, look at Warlock growing up and making a Top X! I think that means we have to get you drunk, hold you down, and write “I’m a big boy” on your naked chest. We don’t actually have a prescribed method but that’s how my birthdays usually go so I guess it’ll work for this, too. Warlock raises his voice for Truth, Justice, and the American Australian Way. Ace job at rumor control and critical thought. Needs moar pics, though. I had to find my own of a Warlock. I hope you hate it ’cause it’s the ugliest one I could find. Let that be a lesson to you, you incorrigible scamp. Happy birthday…blogday…whatever.

2Screens – Split Army Lists: Another cherished bit of hobby help by someone making/re-working products for our games. He took the giant 200+ page PDF of Infinity army lists that chokes our phones and tablets, then split it up into nine manageable PDFs containing only one army each. THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What is it with no one putting pics up on their blogs? Here is the ugliest thing with two screens I could find. Feel my ancient wrath!

Into The Void – Terrain: Pallets and an Objective Marker: Will it blow your mind? No. Is it an easy to reproduce technique that will get you terrain fast and cheap? Yes. Honestly, these are the best kind of hobby tips. We’re not always wet blending OSL and NMM onto Slayer Sword-winning dioramas, sometimes we just need to build shit quick and play games. Heresy? Maybe. My only suggestion on his technique is to go get free/cheap coffee stir sticks intead of buying thin craft wood at a store. Ever been arrested for shoplifting at Starbucks? Now’s your chance!

LilLegend Studio – Forge World Preyon Comission: Sexy. Keep scrolling his site for more sexy. “What the hell is a Preyon?” You’ll have to click to find out.

Mini Swelter – Secret Weapon Rapid Assault Vehicle joins the Jailbirds: I don’t know what this guy’s playing, but it looks rad and I want in. Is it 40K? Damn, it’s 40K. Shit. Well, nice looking force, mate. Interesting take on The Sisters and I will definitely be keeping tabs on your project. This is the part where I’m supposed to do my Frontliner duty and say “Man, that Secret Weapon vehicle looks awesome and you should all go buy ten of them!” but I won’t, because I’m not a corporate shill. But they do look awesome…they do. I’ve had my eye on them as potential terrain for my ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ table and this finished project may have finally swayed me to pick up a couple. Now everybody go buy ten of them and say I sent you. Ha-HA! See how I did that “lie” thing again?

That’s all for today, kids. I’m gonna go sit in my class and try to sneeze or cough as little as possible.


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