[Top X] Xceptions Prove The Rule

I haven’t read nearly enough hobby blogs lately. This is shockingly neglectful behaviour, since there are dozens of the wretched things on the rolls, and I started out commenting on quite a few of them before I turned into the stodgy potato man I am today, rolling in on an increasingly erratic basis to transmit my own half-baked thoughts and then trundling off before someone could make chips out of me. As a direct consequence, I’ve taken a plunge through the last two weeks of HoP content in search of Stuff I Like.

So Adam at The Dice Abide is re-igniting the Chaos love and doing it in style with the obnoxiously bright second edition Codex cover – good for him. That was the big splash release… this time twenty years ago, when I first came in. Ye gods, it’s summer already. Doesn’t time fly? Anyway, when you have 30,000 points of an army it’s probably right and fitting to recognise that this is where your heart lies, especially when the rest of your collection is short-lived attempts to ride the… you know, that word. That word James doesn’t like. Rhymes with ‘better’.

samson minis has some Orks (Orks, Orks, Orks) to show us.
They’re a bit dark and they’re some of my favourites in the range, especially this guy. Lookit ‘im!
Proper krumpy, love the cigar and the goggles and the glimpse of bionics on the knuckles, and the Snot (Grot? Snot. RUNT.) on the back keeps the humour quotient up.

 NafNaf at Objective Secured is showing us how to make spodgy snow for our bases. I can reveal that GW snow scatter is indeed more like a static grass; it is very thin, and very prone to wandering off the base. It’s good for light dustings but Naf’s method is probably a better call if you want nice thick snow to get yer bootprints into.

Dezartfox at The Vanus Temple presents us with a bunch of Nihilak Dynasty Necrons.
I rather like the Nihilak colours, although there’s something a little muted about the turquoise plates on these which doesn’t appeal to me quite so much as the stark contrasts on the studio versions. Still, credit where credit’s due, they look swish. Especially the glowing codpiece. I’m almost mesmerised by it.

From The Fang comes a pre-emptive rundown of Lords of War in action at Blog Wars 9. (9? It feels like only yesterday that I was thinking “shame I missed the first one, will I be bothered with 2?”) Interesting to note that the big lads aren’t as prevalent as I’d expected. While Knights are much in evidence, they don’t dominate the field to the extent that I’d been led to expect. A lot of boo-hoo over boo-boos that aren’t even there? Who know-hows? (And what’s a Banehammer? Or a Banesword?)

WuhSawBe at Nerds vs. Ninjas has painted up some Teutonic crossbow chaps for SAGA; in fact, they’re the same Fireforge ones I’ve been thinking about. They look quite dashing and seem decent enough, although I’m still on a weird all-metal kick at the moment and so may actually elect against economy. Must be something in the water.

Ah, good, Chickhammer is still alive and Ashley is still not dead. New stuff. New space. All very exciting. Going to have to go through all that in a wee while; suddenly very glad for the relative lack of toys in the house. (Still so much stuff though. Why do I have so much stuff? I don’t even notice most of it exists. I think a lot of it’s Hark’s.)

Grot Orderly‘s Ghazghkull is technically very impressive, but gosh, does it look like a lot of work for a colourscheme that’s nearly all black! And doesn’t that poor little base look lost underneath it all? Does form follow function? What is the function of that base? Does it simply denote where Da Roolz say the model is, or is it supposed to make the model stable and easy to handle on the tabletop, or is there something aesthetic involved? I’m rather confused.

At The Neverness Hobby Chronicle we have a classic 40K conflict; the Dark Angels chasing Cypher. Lovely vintage Land Raider, and an… interesting… battlefield. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Tell you what though, I remember being smacked around by Ravenwing during my last engagement with 40K. It wasn’t pretty. So fast. So shooty. So aggravating to catch. T5 is a bitch.

Benjamin Brun of Blacky Creations has this whacking great Squiggoth to show us. I love Squiggoths. I’m not so sure how I feel about this paint job; for some reason my eyes are glancing off it, not catching on anything. Perhaps one of you visually literate people could explain?

Kieran B, over on Do You Have A Flag?, asks an old question: how do you make the obligation of character creation serve your game? How can you eliminate potential causes of RPG death at the start, just by thinking about how you want to manage the first thing the players have to do? Personally, for campaign play, I have players and GM sit around and talk about what kind of game they want to play and what characters will suit that and start putting everything together as a group. The pregenerated character is reserved for demo sessions and other time-constrained circumstances. I almost never use the third option: it is a little bit too “the GM has decided on the game context and your input is limited” for my liking, but it’s popular elsewhere and I can see why.

And finally, Mark – the new guy at Anything But Ones – has the start of an Ork thing (it’s a whole thing) to show off. I bring this up because – well, because I remember when we did this “new army” thing back in the old days we’d start out with a Combat Patrol or a couple of Troops’ choice’s worth of stuff and people would be supportive and play small games for a bit because it was better to play 400 points fully painted than 2000 with bits falling off. Despite my acceptance of the “just play the damn game” approach over the years, I do prefer to go about things this way, and as far as I’m concerned, Mark’s on to a good thing. Either that or he’s giving me nostalgia.

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  • I approve of all the ork posts!

    • Von

      Good! Orks is best, after all…

  • Headologist

    Belated thanks for the shout out, was my first post back in a while. Like your approach Von, I think it all depends on the players, the game/setting and the GM – each cocktail of those suits a different approach IMO. I could be wrong, often am lol.