User Content Friday: One Inch Warriors and “The Land”

Got a fun little post to share with you all on these laid-back Friday Afternoon that I had been saving for a while, waiting for an opportune time to unleash it’s glory on an unsuspecting world.

It’s called “Wargming Anecdotes – The Land” and it’s not particularly long or even full of some deep, deep rules insight, but it is something we can all relate to.  And I think it is just an absolutely delightful chunk of text.

The real, shinning jewel at the center of the post is that explaining our beloved hobbies to the uninitiated can be a bit of a challenge – or even a drag if you have to do it over and over again.   I know in my own situation, I’ve taken to describing my hobbies as simply as possible for reasons relating to those touched on in  “The Land”.  Typically, I’ll say I’m into scale models or board games (depending on the crowd) with a certain amount of implied quotey fingers.  Implied to myself anyways.

It’s not out of some kind of shame or fearfulness, but just that I hate having to explain what the hell a table wargame is and why painting tiny little space mans is a thing I like to spend money on.

I think to an extend we all do that with hard to explain things.  My big city little brother has a adopted a similar stance on describing his actual job since he hates having to explain (over and over again) his businessy job duties and what exactly his company recycles (it’s boring stuff, not gross stuff).

So, enjoy the linked post.  Give Alex some love at One Inch Warriors and feel free to share your own little shorthands for describing your beloved hobby to the ‘normies’.

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