We Actually Care About Your Blog

Many of you lovely readers and authors have let me know that the Blog Network isn’t functioning properly. I am trying to fix this! In the mean time, I have added a link list and will be adding to it (slowly). With over 250 active blogs on our rolls,  any undertaking to correct the problem of featuring your blogs in a way that is beneficial to you will take a little time.


this is how I feel with this changeover

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  • Thanks for all the hard work. I love the new digs!

  • Thank you.

  • The Warlock

    Totally understandable that there’d be a few bugs. The amount of work you and Thor have put into this is truly appreciated. (By the way, the only blog roll issue I can see is that some blogs are repeated 3-5 times)

  • Working out new site bugs is always fun!

  • Good luck purging the bugs folks.

    • The Warlock

      Fire. Fire solves everything.

  • Aaaaagh!
    Question marks errwhere!

    On another note entirely, my Raging Heroes post was delated due to it requiring much more work than I anticipated. I spent all day sunday taking pics of models. Like hundreds of ’em, cuz I have like 40-some odd models to take pics of, and I hafta take multiple pics of each and try and pick one thats decent and not blurry or doesn’t have a big light flare and…
    Anyway, Raging Heroes deserves a post I put a lil’ effort into, and I’m hoping it’ll be epic.
    Sorry fer the delay though.

    Hope errone is well, and behaving themselves (that means DC).

    • Thuloid

      I took about 45 minutes yesterday to go back and reformat one of my old posts to make it look nice again. I will probably do the same for the rest, but then, I only have maybe a dozen to do. The problems with old comments will just have to be written off–there’s one hilarious case where all the comments from one of my old posts are missing, but they’ve been dumped into the comments from an entirely different post. Ah, well.

      • OhGawd I’m afraid to look.
        I’ve only got about 200 posts or so…no biggie..

    • IZ all good I iz beehaavesing meeeeself yes beehaavesing. Meeeself no need toe bez checking nothing to see hear move along move along and no, whatever Thuloid says I’m not giving a dna sample

      • I’m actually afraid that your DNA would act like the blood sample in John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing,’ so let’s just say DNA samples are unnecessary at this time.
        Besides…we already blame you for everything that goes on around here. If we found someone else’s DNA at the scene of a crime we’d be dumbfounded…more than we are on the average day, anyhow.

  • I think I noticed another bug. I updated a couple of pictures on my blog. This messes up your blog network feed reader. Other blogrolls don’t have a problem with this. Regards, Karl

  • Bush Craft

    Which mole am I? I’m thinking upper left.