The Weekly Top X – Arkhan Land is a Dumb Name

For one brief moment I was going to do this week’s Top X on the 6th edition leak.  But I pulled back at the last second.  I just can’t shake the fact that most of you out there just don’t care about a rule set that is  maybe half real or probably mostly fake.

The last attempts with this new ‘search and return’ format have been focused on the written word.  But what about a more visual medium?  With that question burning in my mind, I decided to do a Top X on painting and modeling.  Today’s subject: the Land Raider in all it’s glory.
Blog Name: Scratchbuilt 40k
 – Mk1 Land Raider Tutorial:  A pretty amazing step by step (in four parts) for your very own Mk1 Land Raider.
Blog Name:  The Waaagh Heresy
 – unbagging forgeworld: Heresy era Land Raider part – A nice little overview of what you can get from Forgeworld if you’re not into all that DIY stuff.

Blog Name: Outsyder Gaming
 – Remote Controlled Land Raider: Pretty self explanatory but super neat.

Blog Name:  Legion 9 Studios
 – Land Raider Completed:  Urban Camo Style!

Blog Name: Generic 40k Blog
 – Land Raider finished:  This time in the great ‘fallen dark angels’ style of the French masters.

Blog Name: 40k Hobby Blog
 – BA Land Raider God Hammer: Red ones go faster.  Even the imperial ones.

Blog Name: Eye of Terror
 – Death Guard Land Raider: It’s Nurgle-tastic!

Blog Name: The Vanus Temple
 – Commission: Deathwing Land Raider Complete!  And so it is.  But this one has friends.

Blog Name: Home of Cadaver
 – Imperial Fists Land Raider Crusader: This may be obly to ever be featured twice in a Top X.  It’s that cool.

Blog Name: Musings of a Metal Mind
 – A Tale of Two Land Raiders….  No ‘it was the worst of times’ bull shit here.  Both machines are completely rad as balls.

Blog Name: Roll With It
 – Pimp My Land Raider: Xzibit was here.

Blog Name: Capture and Control
 – Magnetizing Land Raider Doors and Sponsons: Double your money!  Seriously though, a very fine tutorial.

Blog Name:  DiceRolla
 – J.Wappel’s GK Land Raiders, etc. Some great pictures of the absolutely stunning GK Land Raider painted by Mr. Wappel.  Must be seen to be believed.

The HoP Blog Roll Search Tool was firing on all 12 cylinders, but even it’s mighty powers of information retrieval have limits.  If you have a Land Raider and I missed it, stick it in the comments.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d like to see it at least.

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