The Weekly Top X – Infinity Community Guide

Contrary to at least one person’s fears, the Weekly Top X is not a dead duck.  It’s a very much alive duck.  It still floats and everything!  It just needed some time off so i could enter almost 400 URL’s into the House of Paincakes Blogroll Search.

See, I told you this would keep coming up.

Today’s Top X is going to be quite a bit different than the normal formats.

Today I’m posting up a collection of articles on a specific subject that I found using the only the search tool.  The idea being that I’ll collecting as much of  the hard work and different perspectives on the subject that I can to promote our members and promote a game I know people want to know more about.

Beyond promotion, I just want to give people a taste of what’s out there.  As I am constantly reminded every time we get a new application – there’s always a new rock to turn over for great content.  Just the HoP has something like 370+ blogs on it’s rolls. Even if you were genuinely committed to reading as much as possible every week, there’s just no way to get to it all.  Even our 370 members is just scratching the surface of the hobby blogoshpere.  Staggering, really.

Unfortunately, there turned out to be so much out there that I had to get picky.  If you write about Infinity and weren’t on this Top X, post some links on the comments.  We’d love to see ’em.  If you’re just an interested party, I cordially invite you to check out the search tool over there on the right.

Let’s get started with the HoP Infinity Community Guide!

Blog Name: Fire Broadside
 – Taking the Leap From 40k to Infinity.  A brief rundown of the two game’s differences.
 – Infinity Session Report.  A great intro into what a game of Infinity looks like

Blog Name:  All Things Fett
 – Starting Infinity: What To Use?  Getting new models just to try out a game can be risky. .  Counterfett has
 some tips to smooth out the new model blues.

Blog Name: Ninjabread
 – Infinity for 40K Players.  This post focus less on the mechanical differenes and more on the factions. Also, Ninjabread has comics.

Blog Name:  3++ is the New Black
 – Guest Article: Infinity Introduction.  A very useful collection of resources for new players and interested parties.
 – Infinity: Factions Part 1: Humanity. Another faction overview, but this one focus more on play styles and is  in an easy to digest list format.

Blog Name: The Painting Frog
 – Infinity – English version. This is a very concise overview of the fluff and the crunch.  It’s made all the better by the inclusion of some of the art for the game.

Blog Name: Sons of Sanguinius
 – Infinity: What are Orders? A very good explanation of what is, perhaps, the most important rules concept in Infinity.
 – Terrain: How much is right for Infinity?  Infinity uses a LOT of terrain.  This post is am excellent overview of that.
 – Roland asks, Ven answers: Infinity Army Building.  A nice introduction to army building with bonus IRL examples.

Blog Name: Frontline Gamer
 – Building an Infinity army (plus how not to do it).  Another excellent post on the quirky way army lists function in Infinity.
 – Infinity: The best game there’s ever been? Part 1, part 2, part 3.  An exuberant look at Infinity and why you should probably be playing it.

Allright guys, that’s all for today’s Top X guide.  I know I’m probably missing some great posts here, and I apologize (genuinely) up front for the limits of my time .  So if you’re the proud author of a post that you think belongs here – don’t get mad, get sharing!  Post those bad boys in the comments.

I’d also like to extend an invitation to our readers.  If you think you’ve got a good idea for another community guide or if you want to write the guide, we’re completely open to that as well.  Just keep in mind that it’s gotta be HoP member stuff.  Drop us a line!

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