The Weekly Top X – Most of Your Base are Belong to Lauby

America’s wang…  hahaha.  How does Dethtron come up with that stuff?  Amirite, Brent?  Brent?


Looks like I’m riding solo.  Well, that’s what happens when you fail to ask for an extra day off from work so you can get settled down from your six day vacation and then forget to make Top X selections until the last possible minute, all the while relying on a talented but increasingly busy pool of people.  This sentence brought to you by Auretious Taak.  Oh well, its good for the soul and a great way to get back in the grove of running the best breakfast- food joke-titled blog in ze verld.

Harrison Ford is not impressed with my visual pun

1) 40k for the New Professional Building an Army v. Building a Collection 
John:  Kennedy consistently puts out good stuff..   You know all this already.  Kennedy is great, blah blah blah.  I want to move beyond Kennedy’s excellent writing, good grammar and phenomenal topic selection.  What always draws me in about his writing is its consistent applicability to my own situation.  I feel like I should have this guy on speed dial next to Dethtron and the police.  There are a lot of bloggers giving 40k advice, but very few are giving total gaming advice.  Kennedy – write a book so the gaming community has something else to place on the pedestal next to this.
John:  Oh, right… the article.  Its classic stuff and a question I wrestle with myself…  all the damn time.  My own Eldar army isn’t even a complete 2000 points and I’ve already got several expansions planned (and in some cases bought).  Looking to the bigger picture of everything I own (AKA my collection), its the natural result of the conglomeration of all my aborted projects, 16 years of gaming and my actual armies.  Make sure you read the comments on the actual post, because there are some more good science in ’em.

2) Defending HumanityMinis for My Girl
John:  My gut tells me I should be as verbose for all of the picks this week as I was for Kennedy.  But my brain, a superior thinking machine to be sure, tells me that this post actually needs to be posted today.
John:  For those of you with the time and the secret caves to do work in, painting up something along these lines is a great gift.  People who love you love things made by you.  Its why your dad still drinks out of the lumpy mug you made him when you were 10 and why every piece of macaroni art is stored safely in a box ny your mother.
John:  Love the bases on these things.  Its very striking without being overpowered.  I’m sure his lady-friend will love these.

3) Sons of TaurusAll of us are belong to our basing – thoughts and history
John:   I like this post because it’s one of those food for thought kinda posts with a lot of questions.  The kind of thing that isn’t a complete piece until the comments role in.  Be sure to go read them since you’re missing out if you don’t.  I gotta give it up for community involvement.
John:  In my own hobbying, I take basing very seriously.  My Lauby-cave is literally strewn with basing experiments.  Its the kind of thing I spend inordinate amounts of time on and is a major bullet point whenever I get into the army planning stage.  For me, the base is a very key component of setting the miniature’s mood and is something that can make or break an army.  Even if its just some gavel and flock, you can be sure that I spent too much time getting it just the right shade of brown.

4) Crew Shaken Not StirredCOCKTAIL: BoLS Time: Bigred and Darkwynn 
Brent:  Being privy to the super-secret-Bell-of-Lost-Souls mailing list, I get all the dirty secrets… which usually involves tears over how the audience is beating someone up. Anyway, this article went out like wildfire – the guys loved it! Hey Lauby, did you ever make your drink?
John:  Unfortunately no, I never had got around to getting the ingredients.  Which is almost criminal since my named cocktail is the easiest and cheapest to make.   Huh, what does that say about Dave’s opinion of me…  likely he’s read my diary, so that’s a problem… it’s almost like he’s met me and knows that all I really need to get a good hangover is overproofed hooch and some citrus… and JESUS CHRIST! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM, BRENT!!

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