The Weekly Top X – Not Brent’s Not X

Not Brent: So, I have to write an opening? 


 Not Brent: Anyone else really, really attracted to Lindsey Lohan lately?

Lauby:  Uuughgh.  I knew this was gonna be a mistake…

1) AJ’s Gaming WorldHydra Gun shield Templates and tutorial part 1
 Lauby: Hey man, Flames of War is a 15mm game!  Wait, those are for 40k?  Fuckin’ A.
 Not Brent: What’s that you’re drinking?

2) Rant in E MinorThrone In E minor Report & Review
Not Brent: Ha! I loved this one!
Lauby: I think the most interesting thing about this whole Throne of Skulls bid’ness is that for all the complaining the ‘super competative’ crowd has done about the event, everyone who’s gone has seemed to have an absolute bucket of fun.  From this report, you can really get the sense that Sorrowshard had a good as hell time.
Not Brent:  You’re missing the point – are you drunk on Bartles and James again? What have I told you about that? It’s just not cool… and you have to be cool and stay cool to play Robin to my Batman.
Lauby:  It’s not B&J, it’s sweet, delicious rum… and it’s not ‘again’, it’s “still’.  And why am I the sidekick and how the hell are you the goddamn Batman?  I always thought you were more on the supply side of blog crime.
Not Brent: Well, the Joker’s sidekick is a phone. No, man! Did you scope the last picture? There’s a dude who will help with my ultimate goal of Digital Domination!

3) 3++ is the New Black Comparison: Games Workshop & Privateer Press 
Lauby: Like Dethtron and I have been saying for years, there’s just not as much of a difference between the two big boys as people might like to believe.  Aside from a discussion on aesthetic qualities, this is pretty much the bulk of what’s really going on.
Not Brent: You know, Robin, some deep part of me loves this little pink dude with his little black hat and his super-successful blog… 
Lauby: Well… that’s worrisome.  Kirby – hide yourself.
Not Brent: …but mostly I just want to test the aerodynamic qualities of his teardrop-shaped ass and kick his Aussie butt for a fieldgoal. Is that so wrong?

4) The Marienburg Gazette
– Mantic Undead Army – Out of the Box
Not Brent: Kind of young, isn’t he?
Lauby: Holy crap, dude – that’s one f his freakin’ kids. What are YOU drinking?
Not Brent: What, I’m supposed to read now?
Lauby:  Holy crap #2 – that’s a shit load of models for not a lot of money.

5) The Painting FrogInfinity – English version
Not Brent: The painting frog? Hey, Lauby! Kiss me and I’ll tell you! 
Lauby: I would rather skull-fuck myself. Or be a test dummy for electric chairs.
Not Brent: Spoilsport.  
Lauby:  No no, I’m not done.  I’d rather scour off both of my nipples with steel wool. Or put my dick in a jar of bees.  Or drink my own waste during a bout with Typhoid.
Not Brent: It was a great little article. I’m curious to see where it goes, ‘cause Infinity is a game I want to like… but the reaction system can be overbalanced without proper terrain. As in, scale terrain!

6) Dick MoveMine’s Bigger than Brent’s
Lauby: Hmmm…  Having played numerous games in Dethtron’s lair, I can safely say that the bar has been raised on Brent.
Not Brent: No it’s not. Who said that? Where’s my mirror?! 
Lauby: Ooops, I think your real Brent is poking out.
Not Brent: Who’s Brent? This is some bullshit mind games, I can tell you that.

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