The Weekly Top X – Smiles and Hugs FOREVER!

FOREVER!  I really got nothing for an intro today, so enjoy this Parry Gripp tune, get pumped and get reading.

1) Blood of Kittens – Meat for Meta: A friendly 6th edition reminder…
This post really resonated with me. Equal parts impassioned and measured and on a topic that is quite important for me This may seriously be the only post about 6th edition you’ll need to read until well after it comes out.

2) Eldar AddictCustom Talos WIP and Space Hulk Mission List
I dunno much about the Talos except that this dude’s painted examples are one of the best sales pitches you could find for the kit. The rest of his Dark Eldar ain’t too shabby either. And by that I mean they are amazeballs.

3) The Dark TemplarGoing Back To Abandoned Models…
I recently did something similar on my own blog, but I toot particular horn doesn’t need tooting right now. Anyway, this is a good post check out if (‘if’… riiiiight) you’ve got your own backlog to work through. Plus you get to see some rad models.

4) Brian Carlson Miniatures Adepticon Recap Thursday: Welcome to the Con!
I expect this weekend to be pretty slow comments wise as just about everyone who can go is attending Adepticon. Frankly, I’m a little jealous that it’s out of the cards for me. Mostly on account of how amazing the swag bag is! Anyways, thursday was simple registration and Brian here made it look fantastic!

5) Dark Future Games – The Armies of the 40k GT: part 1 and part 2
This is always one of my favorite part of these large tournaments.  I love, love, love looking at other people’s armies.  Adepticon never disappoints and you should definitely clear your schedule for the rest of the day and drool over the pics here.

6) Zerloon PlaceBattle Report – Space Hulk – XII: Pitfall
Jus thought I’d remind everyone that while Dreadfleet may have been.. shall we say… poorly regarded, that the newest version of Space Hulk was not. We’ve got a battler report here that really makes me wish that GW had just played it safe and done two years in a row of that game.

7) Cupboard of NurgleWhat’s that on the dark seas???
But then again, there are fans of Dreadfleet out there.  The game had amazing models.  You just can’t take that away.  Dorn’s Arrow here has painted a few and, man, are they rad.

8) Pain, Tin and Stuff Malifaux and terraclips terrain
Everyone loves a good double whammy, so here we are! A breif look at Malifaux and a much less brief look at the pre-fab terrain that you can get for the game. Seriously, all that is cardboard and comes as is!

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