The Weekly Top X – Some Kind of Duet.. or Something

Ok, ok. I have no idea how I got wrangled into this, but apparently Lauby has some amazing super-persuasion powers because I volunteered and don’t even feel dirty. (Maybe it’s just that I have no shame? I don’t know.) However, this week was full of a lot of really touching and personal stuff, with some great opportunities to enjoy more than just fluffy nonsense. 

Hey Everyone!  I’m back from vacation and properly back in the groove that is non-vacation life.  I’ve got Lo backin’ me up this fine Friday and it should be a pretty great Weekly Top X.  Now, If I know anything about the differences between Brent and Lo, it’s that the banter should be on topic today and I’ll be responsible for ALL of the crudity.  Let’s get started!

1) The Realm of Dungeons & DragonsThe Killing Joke
Lauby: I think we can all relate to this.  And not just in games either.  The sad fact of the matter is that while change is often good, it is also profitable.  In any case this is a great post on the subject that brings up a number of sad similarities with the TTG that most of you/us play.  Oh!  And be sure you click on the link that Doctor Warlock had in the post.  Some very good stuff in that as well.  2 for 1, baby!

Lo: Starting off on a serious tone, a pretty cool thought on the environment of games and gaming, from the RPG side of things rather than miniatures. I’ve got a major soft spot for discussing the way the landscape of gaming has changed over the years, and this post has a great perspective.
2) Gone to Ground – Wacky Warhammer Gifts!! 
Lo: This week just seems full of tributes and deeply personal posts. I’m probably just a little biased, but I love reading these. I’m really impressed by all the little additions that make this so intimate. The PhD shoulder pad is way beyond fantastic.

Lauby: This is absolutely fantastic.  A lot of thought and a lot of love went into that and the effect those things had on the end result are telling.  A very nice model for a very touching gift. ANd to answer Dave’s question, I have, in fact, given a painted model to Special Lady Friend.  Dr. Ratso (an OOP stormvermin) hangs out on her desk at work.

3) Shoot First THEN JumpFeast of Blades recap, or, Tau are pretty dang good. 
Lo:  Or, maybe not. This one’s a riot and a half, with the insistence that Tau are good. (Tau suck, reroll. Catch phrase at our FLGS.) But the enthusiasm and infectious joy are really worth the read, and there’s some pictures thrown in for good measure.

Lauby: Don’t count the Tau out, Lo.   Good Tau lists may not have a lot of diversity, but the list that Shas’el Mike ran is brutal enough to get it’s own black metal band.  In other news, this is a pretty fantastic tourny report.  The bat reps were the perfect blend of short and informative and the self analysis was a nice touch as well.

4) The 6+ SaveStill not good at 40k (Bay Area Open day 1)
Lo: This one’s for FunDave and no one else. I don’t care what Lauby’s got to say, this is way too funny not to tease my buddy mercilessly with. From the miserable tournament performance to the awful pronunciation of a common 40K term, this one’s got all kinds of stuff to use on my friend.

Lauby:  Speaking of self analysis… that’s a title for the ages.  A lot of funny stuff crammed into a relatively short post.   Now, to get FunDave a nice HoP logo.  Lo, you’ve read the recruiting policy, right?  It says “go out and recruit people”.

5) The Wildrider HostThe Eldar Return! 
Lo:  More unloved Xenos- only Eldar this time. I know Lauby’s got a problem, and so does my pal FunDave. They sure adore those spacey elves something fierce.

Lauby:  I dunno if it’s a problem per se.  But I do keep having these re-occurring dreams about Fire Dragons (voted ‘best buns on the table’ by a panel of judges at Dethtron’s place). I also wouldn’t say I adore them… it’s more like a low-grade lust.  Uh… be sure to read this post… and stuff.

6) The Jersey General Armies 101 Part 4: Eldar 
Lo: Ok, it’s getting a little creepy in here, with all those weird space elves…
Lauby:  Speaking of creepy…  do you ever catch FunDave staring at his Fire Dragons’ Hinders?  I ask because this friend of mine, who is totally not me, has been having problems figuring out where to rest his gaze on the table.  Again, this is my friend and totally not me.

7) Scratchbuilt 40KHobby Friday- What are you building all this for? 
Lo:  Ok, phew. Some Space Marines! Imperium for the win!
Lauby:  Ok, I’m gonna just lay it on the line.   I think I do have a problem.  It all started with the sex dreams.

8) Ruinous Powers Purgin’ Them Xenos 
Lo:  not only that, the Emperor is infecting others….
Lauby: The dreams are pretty tame – it’s always me watching, but it always creeps me out when Eldrad takes his helmet off and its me underneath.  

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