Weekly Top X – The Xiest X to X the X

Hey all!  Oak here with a weekly Top X that will truly blow your mind!  At least, my mind’s blown.  But that could be the summer beers and my back deck talking.

It could also be this new website, which admittedly will probably take a week or two to find my way around.  It was the same with the previous site when I first showed up.  I got lost around the stabbing intern holding pen, and it took a few days before I (regained conciousness and) found a proper set of manacles.

So without further ado, I will direct your attention to exactly X much better bloggers and/or painters and/or human beings than I.

Blacky Creations and Painting – Nurgle Daemon Prince, Great Unclean One, Plague Zombie Horde, Baneblade Vostroyan Commander.  He’s doing some great work over there with his chaos-y type sculpting, but also giving the vostroyans some love by modelling some fancy hats.

Look at this glorious badass. A preview! Check it out!

Feed Your Nerd – Honda’s Blog: Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life…  Honda found his old dip, and apparently it still works gang-busters.  Some good advice here in painting wholesale.  I particularly enjoyed the results on his Broodlord.

A very effective colour scheme, also…

Give ‘Em Lead: Oldhammer Comics – Oldhammer: What’s a Tim Prow?  This one made me chuckle, and then made me feel nostalgic.

We definitely need to have these bios on the back of blister packs again.  I would have been 8 when this was released….?

Les Figs d’Hiso – Tau Riptide – Next Gen.  I wouldn’t even be mad if this pair of mecha-gundam suits blew me off the table in a single turn.  You should check’em out.  White’s tough to do, and the green is pretty inspiring…

Creative Twilight – BATREP!  Thor takes his Khorne Daemonkin out against Blood Angels, and puts together a pretty neat and concise batrep.  Well done Mr. Thor, and keep up the good work!

Objective Secured – Karakuri Special Project – Nafnaf’s really hit one out of the park with this trio.  It’s worth the trip.

There you have it, exactly X awesome posts.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.  Cheers guys, have a great week!


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  • Loquacious

    thank you for a wonderful top X!

    • *doffs cap* you’re most welcome. Liking the new site 😀

  • Love the top X and the new digs!

  • Nice top X. I actually played against a guy a little while ago who had a Tau scheme very similar to the ones you have there on Les Figs d’Hiso. Looks great.
    And the site is looking good too. I was going to say it looks very USA with the red white and blue but I guess that goes for the UK and Australia and NZ too. Sorry Canadia!

  • Honda is going to be so excited!

  • Great top X. Thanks for the mention 🙂