[Weekly Top X] You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking X

From those nice chaps at The Dice Abide, we have a top tip on terrain accumulation, specifically how to get hold of some cheap and imposing centrepiecey bits. I don’t know if it’s the first time I’ve seen aquarium shops recommended as a source for hobby gear; there was some recent talk around the blogs about a proxy-ridden Guard army with some sort of aquarium supplies involved, I believe? That said, it’s getting a boost anyway ’cause I like some of the gnarly trees and ruined houses.

On a similar note, Do You Have A Flag? has gifted us with a beast of a post on Necromunda terrain. This is honestly worth a look even if you’re not into Necromunda, just for the principles and the pitfalls outlined in the first part of a hopefully-epic two-parter. Anyone who builds any terrain can stand to learn a thing or two from this, doubly so if you’re into sci-fi wargaming. I might go so far as to say POST O’ THE WEEK.

Of course, once it’s built, it’ll need painting; forward Paradox0n’s Wargaming Blog, with this guide to making and maintaining a wet palette. I’m still not sold on the idea – people say “oh you simply must but are a bit quiet on why I simply must” – but this guide makes it not hard to do and, crucially, points out a few things that might go wrong and that you might not think of.

On the subject of terrain, Shades of Chaos brings us an interesting Warpath battlefield; looks like an unusual engagement, one that’d have the “where’s your LOS blocking terrain?” crowd coming out in hives for sure!

Hero’s Gaming Blog has some thoughts on list building for Dark Elves. I mention this not because I think anyone should be playing Dark Elves, or indeed WFB at all, unless you’re willing to put that much time and energy and money into a roll-lots-of-dice knockabout of which you’re never really in control, but because it’s the sort of list build post I like to see and used to do – it’s not just the list, it’s the justification, the rationale, the rhyme, the reason, the game plan, the deployment diagram, the works.

Prey in 40K has been crunching some numbers, and while I don’t believe maths is the be-all and end-all of a wargame, it’s nice to know how much better a 5+ Ward Save with a re-roll is than a 4+ without. Nothing wrong with an informed choice, it’s when you expect things to stop there that the trouble starts.

Kevin’s Miniature And Hobby Table is covered with Mercs! I really like this army; it’s very similar to one that I used to run with Epic Magnus, back in the day, and Kev’s done a sweet job of making it look all weatherbeaten and battered.

Reaching into Chronowraith’s Corner for the next post; a walkthrough tour of the Infinity factions, in terms of both their background and, to my deep-seated glee, how that background manifests itself in terms of faction-wide rules trends. I do like it when the story and the game go hand in hand – it makes a nice change from that cognitive dissonance stuff that less, ah, mindful game universes tend to create.

And finally, I hear that The Dice Gods Are Hungry!, and what they’re hungry for is sensible approaches to campaign play. It’s all very well planning a six-year map-based epic with a highly nuanced tournament system but that’s going to fall down as soon as someone gets their new Codex or has to sell their models to pay the rent or is eaten by a mouldering star goat or decides they’d rather be on Warcraft (ahem), and a little bit of experience management can make all the difference in the long run.

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