Where in the World Is Lantz: Jack Palantz and the Legend of Lantz’s Gold

Hey there boys and girls, wanna check in on what Lantz, everyone’s favorite magnet pro, is up to this week on his western ranch vacation retreat for yuppies?  I know I do.  

Quoth the Lantz: “To protect my head against that nasty hair thing that’s going around.”

Personally I’d have gone for an energy dome, but those heavy bolters might help ward off the evils of “that nasty hair thing.”  Look on the bright side, though, Lantz, at least you can grow yourself one of those sweet skulletts I’ve been hearing so much about.

….and now for this week’s Not at all Shameful Grab for Filler Content Contest

I’d like to declare a winner from last week, but it seems Lauby turned the whole thing on it’s head, going all POMO and filling the entire post with only the word Lantz, so I don’t know who would be the real winner here.  Let’s just say that anybody who read the whole thing should pat yourself on the back for making it through.  It might be a good time to think about your life, though. As for the tag line contest from 2 weeks ago, don’t fear, your lines will be added to the taglineomattic 5,000 soon.

For this week’s contest, post a pic of your most recently painted model in the comments.  Coolest one wins the Internet and gets to come up with the next week’s contest. 

Also don’t forget to visit the World of Wonder and the Digital Waaagh!!!, they’re both running contests right now that actually have prize support!  Holy Shit!

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