Where in the World is Lantz? – Lantz Crafters: Glasses in About an Hour

The Lantz puns are getting a little thin on the ground, but Dethtron and I are as committed to cheap laughs as we are to Phlogiston theory.  Which is quite a lot, as it turns out.

We’re also committed to helping Lantz promote himself in as sexualized a manner as possible.  Beyond being an excellent home-brew rules writer know for his unflagging wit, Lantz is basically a piece of meat.  Sexy, sexy meat.  Have a look and feel free to add this to your spank banks.:

Though the picture speaks for itself, Lantz sex sez: “Are those Monoliths or am I just excited about the new Necron rumors?

On top of this already better than normal Thursday, I have an even cooler thing to share. Last week, Dethtron couldn’t share exactly what was going on with the previous tagline contest.  You all won, but no one knew exactly what that meant.

Take a look at the top of this very page.  See that under the main logo?  That’s one of the taglines submitted.  If it’s not yours, refresh the page.  I’ll wait.


Pretty fuckin’ cool huh?  That’s a rhetorical question.  We all know that answer to that is: JAWOHL!

But wait!  There’s even more cool stuff.  Last week’s Not at all Shameful Grab for Filler Content Contest was all about New Year’s resolutions.  There were some good entries and even a few conversations to help narrow down the masturbation ones.  However, Auberoun.  Not only does he not intend to stalk the HoP staff less, but he’s so good at it that we didn’t even know he was doing it!  

Congrats, my man!  Hit us up with a contest of your own if you feel like it.  I might even be able to get Brent to send you some toenail clippings for the doll I can only assume you’re making.  Also, let us know if you have a blog and we can get some light pimping in as well.

For this week, the HoP needs MORE taglines.  Twenty eight is a good start, but I think we can get more.  

Dethtron has suggested this:  “Exclamation point!!!!”

And I feel like: “Taste the fame.” has potential.

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