Where in the World is Lantz?- Lantz Party USA

I guess it’s still non-denominational holiday season or something, because Lauby is busy with family stuff, meaning you guys are stuck with me, dethtron, for another Thursday post.  I promise not to put up any more disturbing highly eroticized pictures of myself up this week, though, since we’ve gotten a new Lantz pic in on top of the glut that he sent in last week in order to prevent me from ever being allowed to show my face on this site again.

Hey, let’s see what Lantz is up to this week.

Lantz Sez: “What Santa Lantz was doing instead of delivering your gifts.”

Oh Santa Lantz, your foul habit makes me long for the days when I allowed myself to indulge in such foul habits.  This was back in the 60s when I was writing copy for Don Draper- well, that’s how I remember it at least… perpetually smashed on Manhattan’s and knee deep in a sea of conical bra wearing floozies. 

Not at all Shameful Grab for Filler Content Contest

Last week’s contest of coming up with a tag line for the House of Paincakes was a rousing success.  So successful, in fact, that I haven’t been allowed to discuss the results or choose a winner yet, under threat of death.  I understand that there is a top secret project underway right now that I could tell you about, but I’d have to kill you.  I don’t think that’s what any of us want, so we’ll just leave it up in the air for now.  It goes without saying, though, that every entry, with the notable exception of my own, was clever and a winner in it’s own right.

For this week’s contest, we’ve got a set of rules chosen by none other than Captain Kellen.  For the record, I rate these rules an RC Cola on the Coke-Pepsi scale.

Now the contest, in the spirit of the season- What is your self-indulgent New Years Resolution that you have no intention of keeping?

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