Where in the World is Lantz – Lantzcaping

Lantz is not the zany funster we all thought he was.  Not by a long shot.  He has just a bit more Professor Moriarty in him than our rigorous and exhaustive background checks were able to uncover.

It turns out that all his showboating, self portraits and wacky antics had a purpose.  His mad plan was to infiltrate our blog network and then sneak in a plug about one of his own projects.

Lantz, you are one insidious beast. Why you felt the need to lay two-months of groundwork to sneak your plug onto a blog devoted to plugging its members is beyond me.

Fortunately, that’s the kind of thing we like around here.  That and scatological humor.  Poop fart shit. Hehe.

Lantz sez: A Shameless Self-Plug. And My Nose.

The long and the short of it is that Lantz is the mastermind behind an Adeptus Mechanicus fandex and needs people to help out.  He needs playtesters for an open beta and artists of all stripes.  The only requirements he has are that you love gross cyborgs and can read/write at a 6th grade level.

More information can be found at his blog.

Seriously, go check it out. How could you say no to a schnoz like that?

But lets be even less serious here for a second.

We had another not at all shameful grab for filler content contestLast week we asked you to tell us all about your dream guest author.  We had a good number of entries and while nothing made me laugh as much as casting Glen Danzig as Dethtron, we still had a solid winner: Von

I would have H. P. Lovecraft write about the importance and development of proper vocabulary in rules sets. Dude could bitch out the writing styles of others like nothing else alive when the fancy took him. He loved long words, thought he was better than almost everyone, fanboyed everyone he didn’t think he was better than, had a large circle of correspondents and thought staying in touch with them was more important than his job, lived on beans and sweeties and lived in his aunts’ basement for most of his life. Born before his time, really: he’d have fit right in with nerd bloggers. 

Congrats, Von.  You win free publicity and the honor of creating next week’s not at all shameful grab for filler content contest at the last minute.

In the meantime, this weeks contest is to go download Lantz’s AdMech fandex and make up the best name possible for your own Tech-priest.


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