Where in the World is Lantz? – Parachute PLantz

Last week there were no Lantz pictures.  It might have had a lot to do with how Lantz and I may or may not be the same person.  Either way, illness was involved.  Don’t worry though, the crushing guilt he felt after a bearded crazy man who was ‘sensuously’ licking his lips Dethtron filled in for him was enough to send him into a Robert Mapplethorpe frenzy picture taking.  We got a whole month’s worth this time around.

Here’s one of them now:

Conveniently, this also doubles as his entry for  last weeks not at all shameful grab for filler content contest.  Which he did not win. 

Props for the presentation, but hipsters are lame (fixed gear bikes and all) and thinly veiled game mechanic metaphors for necrophilia are… something else.  Not that I don’t think necrophilia isn’t a fertile ground for humor – I just think the verb ‘porking’ could have been worked in.  Though that face is credit card commercial priceless.

The other guy who made a mock up was our one man Nielson Ratings indicator: Captain Kellen.  Who wins the big prize due to being the first to make a mock-up and actually using the current backgrounds and rarity indicators.  Technically correct he is – the best kind of correct.  Here’s his entry:

Congrats, Captain!  We rated this card a “guffaw” on a scale of keekle to gut buster.  Also, you get to make up next week’s contest.

For this week, we want you to come up with the best possible tagline for the House of Paincakes.  And as an added ‘WTF’ this may actually have ramifications beyond one of you having to do some busy work for us.

Here’s my entry:
The House of Paincakes:  You can say ‘fuck’ on the internet again.

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